Chile Project Notice - Trends And Developments In IP Protection Of Software And Software-Related Inventions In The APEC Region

Project Notice

PNR 60147
Project Name Trends and Developments in IP Protection of Software and Software-related Inventions in the APEC Region
Project Detail This project looks to address the overall issue of the fast-paced advancement and increasing complexity of new technological developments in the information technology field and the challenges this entails to intellectual property protection, with a specific focus on software and software-related inventions. To that end, the project will examine current trends on the legal protection that APEC Economies are granting to software and software related-inventions aiming at gaining insight on how Economies have been addressing this matter and the rationale behind it. As a first step, a survey will be circulated among Economies, to gather information on their approach on intellectual property protection of software and software-related inventions. Subsequently, the project will analyze the trends and developments in these approaches across the economies. The resulting key findings will be compiled into a comprehensive report serving as a valuable resource for both IP offices and policymakers. This information will ultimately contribute to fostering constructive and fruitful dialogue among APEC economies.
Funded By Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
Country Chile , South America
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Company Name Undersecretariat of International Economic Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affiars
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