Netherlands The Project Notice - Multilevel Inflammatory Regulation In Cardiometabolic Disease

Project Notice

PNR 60028
Project Name Multilevel inflammatory regulation in cardiometabolic disease
Project Detail The benefit of targeting inflammatory pathways in cardiometabolic disease on top of traditional healthcare and medication is evident from recent clinical studies. However, generalized blocking of inflammation also impacts on patients’ defense against infections and other immune-associated pathologies, such as cancer. Clearly, more precise interventions that target disease-specific cellular subsets and mechanisms are eagerly awaited. MIRACLE’s focus on innovation is to pave the way to precision medicine by deploying and valorizing current technological breakthroughs for a detailed definition and targeting of cardiometabolic disease-associated and causative cellular subsets. MIRACLE is inspired by latest advances in single cell biology, multi-omics analysis and newest insights in macrophage biology. These advances revealed heterogeneous and dynamic accumulation of (immune) cell populations in tissues that associate with disease initiation, development and particularly clinical outcome, a notion that has immense implications on our view of chronic inflammatory diseases and their treatment. Unique know-how is ready to be transferred to highly talented fellows. In MIRACLE, twelve young scientists will receive tailored training that enables them to study local and environmental factors that drive cardiometabolic inflammation as well as develop strategies to suppress them, via the integrated use of cutting-edge single cell, spatial mapping, computational and disease modeling approaches. Moreover, they will be able to develop and polish skills in translational science by working with biotech- and pharma experts and clinicians pledging clinically actionable outcomes. The combination of high-level science with top-notch infrastructures, resources, and solid data places MIRACLE at the forefront to move single cell biology towards cardiometabolic (precision) medicine and foster the scientists of tomorrow.
Funded By European Union (EU)
Country Netherlands The , Central Europe
Project Value EUR 2,728,127

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