Finland Project Notice - Membranes As Enablers For Future Biorefineries: From Fabrication To Advanced Separation Technologies

Project Notice

PNR 60022
Project Name Membranes as Enablers for Future Biorefineries: from Fabrication to Advanced Separation Technologies
Project Detail "The doctoral network ""Mem-Fast"" - Membranes as Enablers for Future Biorefineries: from Fabrication to Advanced Separation Technologies - aims to educate 10 future professionals, who have the needed understanding to facilitate the utilisation of membranes in the growing biorefining industry. The research and training activities implemented in the Mem-Fast network form a “first of its kind” novel and unique doctoral training program. This reflects changing research priorities and emerging disciplines related to improving biorefinery processes to grow the Circular Economy. The network structures training at the European level in beneficiaries (CNR-ITM, LUT, LU, ULANC, UMK, UNL, UT) and associated partners (Alfa Laval, Aquaporin, Fibenol, Deltamem, Domsjö, B4C asp, MemBrain, NX Filtration, RAIZ-Navigator, UNICAL, UPM) across 11 countries giving the doctoral students a highly applied understanding on both membrane manufacturing and membrane processes and biorefinery processes that are critical to the future of EU’s chemical sector and circular economy. The individual projects of the doctoral candidates aim to push forward the use of membranes in biorefineries through the development of advanced membranes, novel tools for monitoring and controlling of fouling and novel continuous processes for simultaneous bioconversion and recovery of products. The network program leads to a new approach to training for the sector and will provide a first cohort of highly skilled future research leaders and managers by combining this network knowledge. Furthermore, it creates a basis for a European doctoral education focused on membranes in biorefineries that will be continued in the future."
Funded By European Union (EU)
Country Finland , Western Europe
Project Value EUR 2,697,926

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