Spain Project Notice - High-Throughput Oligonucleotide Synthesis And NGS For Digital TEXT Storage And Retrieval In DNA Encapsulated Nanofibers

Project Notice

PNR 59916
Project Name High-throughput oligonucleotide synthesis and NGS for Digital TEXT Storage And retrieval in DNA encapsulated nanofibers
Project Detail Incorporating biomolecules as integral parts of computational systems represents a frontier challenge in bio and nanotechnology. Using DNA to store digital data is an attractive alternative to conventional information technologies due to its high information density and long lifetime. However, developing an adequate DNA storage medium remains a significant challenge in permitting the safe archival and retrieval of oligonucleotides. TextaDNA introduces polymer fibres as a novel approach to encapsulating and retrieving information-carrying oligonucleotides. We will develop a complete DNA storage workflow, encoding digital information into DNA base sequences and optimising oligonucleotide synthesis and encapsulation in polymer nano and microfibres. The project is led by nanoGUNE, a nanotechnology research centre, and partners with Eurofins, a leading European company specialising in state-of-art oligo synthesis and next-generation sequencing. We will design next-generation sequencing assays to automate the DNA digital storage readout retrieved from fibres. The enhanced oligo synthesis and sequencing strategies that, TextaDNA will develop are of fundamental interest in the path toward broader use of DNA digital storage, increasing synthesis speed and length of oligos and reducing costs. The consortium will create the conditions for encapsulating oligonucleotides inside polymer fibres and methods to retrieve them. We will establish efficient methods of synthesising oligonucleotides going beyond state-of-art phosphorodiamidate chemistry while ensuring their stability. Further, TextaDNA will also explore ways of incorporating sequencing technologies into reading digital data stored in oligonucleotide pools and expand the data storage capabilities of DNA. TextaDNA will add to the European leadership in DNA data digital storage by leveraging oligo synthesis and sequencing with nanotechnology to build DNA digital storage materials.
Funded By European Union (EU)
Country Spain , Southern Europe
Project Value EUR 2,509,125

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