Philippines Project Notice - Bataan–Cavite Interlink Bridge Project

Project Notice

PNR 58928
Project Name Bataan–Cavite Interlink Bridge Project
Project Detail The Bataan-Cavite Interlink Bridge (BCIB) project will provide a permanent road link between the provinces of Bataan and Cavite, the key missing link in the road network of the National Capital Region (NCR), Central Luzon, and CALABARZON. The BCIB will be approximately 32.15 km long, comprising two cable-stayed bridges for navigation channels, 24 km of marine viaducts, and 8 km of approach roads. It will include U-Turn facility near the Corregidor Island for future connection. Under the BCIB project, a capacity building program will be provided for the government to ensure adequate capacity in operation and maintenance and management of the BCIB and future large and complex bridges. A tourist center and supporting facilities will be established at the north approach of BCIB, providing information about the rich ecosystem and diversity of destinations on the Bataan Peninsula and Corregidor Island. Project Name Bataan–Cavite Interlink Bridge Project Project Number 52310-001 Country / Economy Philippines Project Status Approved Project Type / Modality of Assistance Loan Despite its large population base and high economic potential, Bataan, from an economic perspective, is not integrated with the southern provinces of Luzon and the NCR due to the lack of land connectivity to the south. Based on the current road network, commuters from Bataan would have to travel through both Pampanga Province and Bulacan Province before reaching Metro Manila, Cavite, and other southern provinces of Luzon. Currently, the fastest way to reach Central Manila from Bataan is by ferry, which avoids driving through other provinces. However, ferry services between Bataan and Central Manila are limited to three services a day on weekdays. On average, trips by all modes (road and ferry) take over 230 minutes for one way trip. A direct connection between Bataan and Cavite would reduce the travel time between Bataan and the southern provinces in Luzon and NCR by at least 50%, thus enhancing economic integration of the provinces and regions of Luzon. Impact Local, national, and international connectivity improved (Philippines Development Plan, 2023-2028) Project Outcome Description of Outcome Efficiency of road travel throughout the eastern and southern provinces of Luzon Island group (including NCR) improved
Funded By Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Sector Entertainment
Country Philippines , South Eastern Asia
Project Value PHP 2,108,370,000

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Company Name Transport Sector Office (SG-TRA)
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