Uzbekistan Project Notice - Preparing The Climate Resilient Livestock Development Project

Project Notice

PNR 58777
Project Name Preparing the Climate Resilient Livestock Development Project
Project Detail The proposed Climate-Resilient Livestock Development Project aims to improve on-farm productivity and climate resiliency of livestock in Uzbekistan. The projects outputs are (i) regenerative pasture and supplementary feed base made climate-resilient, (ii) climate-smart husbandry and veterinary services strengthened, and (iii) financing for livestock extended and climate sensitized. The project is aligned with the following impacts: (i) stable provision of livestock products and food security improved, and (ii) carbon intensity of livestock sector reduced. Livestock is critical to national food security and rural livelihood. Livestock provides 90% of domestic animal-protein consumption and employs 27% of the agricultural workforce. Small-scale farms (dekhans) raise 94% of beef cattle, 95% of dairy cattle, and 83% of goats and sheep. Dekhan livestock production emphasizes beef but suffers from low productivity. Project Name Preparing the Climate Resilient Livestock Development Project Project Number 57079-001 Country / Economy Uzbekistan Project Status Approved Project Type / Modality of Assistance Technical Assistance The Project Preparatory Technical assistance (TA) will support the Committee for Veterinary and Livestock Development (CVLD), Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) of Uzbekistan in project preparation and conducting due diligence for the ensuing project, including technical due diligence, climate change adaptation and mitigation, safeguards, financial management, procurement, gender, poverty assessment, and economic assessment. The TA is consistent with ADBs Strategy 2030 operational priority (OP) 1: addressing remaining poverty and reducing inequalities; OP 2: accelerating progress in gender equality; OP 3: tackling climate change, building climate and disaster resilience, and enhancing environmental sustainability; and OP 5: promoting rural development and food security. The TA contributes to two strategic areas in ADBs country partnership strategy for Uzbekistan: (i) supporting private sector development and (ii) reducing economic and social disparities. The TA complements MOAs Agriculture Development Strategy for 20202030.
Funded By Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Sector Administration & Marketing
Country Uzbekistan , Central Asia
Project Value UZS 800,000

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Company Name Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan
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