Ukraine Project Notice - Research Capacity Building And Upskilling And Upgrading The Research Team In Nubip (Ukraine) On Agroecological Intensification For Crop Production

Project Notice

PNR 58604
Project Name Research capacity building and upskilling and upgrading the research team in NUBiP (Ukraine) on agroecological intensification for crop production
Project Detail Growing agroecological research in Ukraine Agroecology researchers at the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (NUBiP) will receive a boost. The EU-funded ECOTWINS project will improve the research capacity of NUBiP by creating a networking platform for agroecological practices. Specifically, the project will enhance research skills, exchange knowledge and best practices, implement field trials and communicate project outputs. The main results will include an improvement in the research competence and profile of five NUBiP researchers. The project will also enhance NUBiP’s networks with other Ukrainian and international institutions. In addition to using local resources, the project will act as a test bed for sustainable cultivation, with a focus on the explorative agroecological research. The project objective is to strengthen the research capacity of NUBiP team and create a networking platform for best practices about agroecological intensification to uplift the scientific excellence and translational skills of NUBiP team. The specific objectives are : O1. Enhance research skills for stimulation of scientific excellence and innovation capacity of NUBiP in Ukraine O2. Exchange of knowledge and best practices through joint proposals, publications and visits to enhance scientific reputation O3. Implement field trials on combined effects of biostimulant application and cereal-legume intercrop on productivity and provision of ecosystem services O4. Communication, dissemination and exploitation of project outputs on agro-ecological intensification The main results are 1.Improved research competence and profile of 5 researchers from the coordinating NUBiP team 2.Exchange of best practices to upskill and upgrade researchers from NUBiP 3.Productivity and ecosystem service assessment of combined effects of biostimulants’ applications and cereal-legume intercrops 4.Synthesis of best practices on agro-ecological practices for dissemination and outreach ECOTWINS will enhance the research competence and excellence, as well as management and translational skills of NUBiP coordination team, by strategic and progressive transfer of knowledge and skills from the three EU partners (UCPH, SLU, ESCI). Furthermore, this project will strengthen NUBiP existing networks with other Ukrainian and international institutions by widening its research outlook and network with the support of EU partners. As a test bed and model sustainable cultivation site, ECOTWINS will also have an explorative agro-ecological research as a common theme across the WP activities using local resources. This will contribute to boosting the research in agroecology, disseminatee the sustainability-linked results and awareness to the scientific community, SMEs and general public in Ukraine.
Funded By European Union (EU)
Sector BPO
Country Ukraine , Eastern Europe
Project Value UAH 1,499,750

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Address Herojiv obrony 15 03041 Kyiv
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