Spain Project Notice - Wide Angle And Resolution Metrology

Project Notice

PNR 58114
Project Name Wide Angle and Resolution Metrology
Project Detail Extremely high-resolution, wide-angle semiconductor metrology Measuring features on small, flat parts such as semiconductor wafers conventionally involves magnifying certain areas and moving the components around via a stage to measure all parts. Field of view (FOV) measurement, measuring within the entire field of view, could significantly reduce the time and complexity of semiconductor wafer metrology. The Spanish SME WOOPTIX has developed a FOV metrology system based on wavefront phase imaging to measure the full 300 mm silicon wafer geometry with a lateral resolution of 3.2 µm and a height resolution of 0.3 nm in a single snapshot image in 100 ms. The EIC-funded WARM project will support the scale-up efforts to bring this disruptive metrology technology to market. WOOPTIX will upgrade to a 300mm field of view (FoV) metrology system a ready-to-market 50mm field of view Wooptix´s tool, based on a disruptive technology that measures the phase component of a beam of light (wavefront sensor) with a naked sensor, reaching a resolution orders of magnitude higher than other wavefront sensors. This technology has been patented by the company. The scalability of the solution will present an outstanding business opportunity for WOOPTIX leading the company to achieve an amazing turnover rise. Our semiconductor metrology system is capable of measuring the full 300mm silicon wafer geometry with a lateral resolution of 3.2µm and a height resolution of 0.3nm acquired in a single image snapshot in 100ms while capturing 15 million data points. The system works by using a standard digital image sensor to acquire the intensity of the reflected, non-coherent light from the silicon surface at two sperate locations along the optical path.
Funded By European Union (EU)
Country Spain , Southern Europe
Project Value EUR 6,357,210

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Company Name WOOPTIX SL
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