Serbia Project Notice - A Modular Framework For Designing And Producing Biohybrid Machines

Project Notice

PNR 57977
Project Name A Modular Framework for Designing and Producing Biohybrid Machines
Project Detail Bio-hybrid machines (BHMs) combine living cell actuators with artificial materials in order to achieve greater autonomy, flexibility, and energy efficiency compared to standard robots. However, BHMs are developed in silos of individual research groups, making their development more of an art relying on individual knowledge, intuition, and skills than on standardized decision-making processes. To push the manufacturing of BHMs towards bio-intelligent paradigm and model-based engineering, we propose to develop a self-monitoring and self-controlling manufacturing pipeline of BHMs. To realize such a pipeline, we would need to (i) Develop a modeling and simulation framework that will streamline the processes of design, quoting, manufacturing, verification, and reporting, thus significantly reducing error-prone manual steps. Also, given that actuators in BHMs are living cells, which greatly expands the parameter space, we believe that the development of BHMs would greatly benefit from AI-guided modeling process to optimize search for the most efficient design; (ii) To experimentally test, optimize, and verify the platform by developing a proof-of-principle reconfigurable modular catheter BHM; (iii) To group all necessary manufacturing equipment into an integrated bio-intelligent manufacturing cell (BIMC) and demonstrate its adaptable operation. As a proof-of-principle, we will use BHM catheter as it is an innovative medical device that would be able to arrive into hard-to-reach regions of the human body and release drugs there.
Funded By European Union (EU)
Sector Advertising & Media
Country Serbia , Southern Europe
Project Value RSD 3,978,059

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Address Trg dositeja obradovica 8 21000 Novi sad
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