Denmark Project Notice - Decentralised Ammonia Production From Renewable Energy Utilising Novel Sorption-Enhanced Plasma-Catalytic Power-To-X Technology

Project Notice

PNR 57975
Project Name Decentralised Ammonia production from Renewable Energy utilising novel sorption-enhanced plasma-catalytic Power-to-X technology
Project Detail The DARE2X project is proposing a disruptive approach to decarbonising ammonia (NH3) production: development of sorption-enhanced plasma-catalytic synthesis. NH3 is the chemical produced in the second highest quantities globally and is responsible for 1.8% of global CO2 emissions. Furthermore, its demand is expected to increase drastically in the coming decade through its huge promise as a green fuel. As a result, decarbonisation of NH3 production is an essential goal for decarbonisation of the EU economy by 2050. The timing is vital in starting the push for future production technologies for green NH3, to meet the expected increase in demand. The main challenges for realising European green NH3 production is to transition away from fossil fuel-based, centralised Haber-Bosch facilities, to decentralised, dynamic systems that can be coupled directly to renewable electricity generators at or near the point of use. This does, however, require significant developments. DARE2X will overcome these barriers through the following game-changing solutions: (i) reactors utilising non-thermal plasma to drive NH3 synthesis; (ii) novel, more active catalysts using low-CRM materials, iii) stable and efficient NH3 sorption materials for in-situ NH3 separation. These innovations will be integrated into a single sorption-enhanced plasma-catalytic device that will be validated at TRL4. The economic, environmental and social feasibility will be assessed through LCA, LCC and a social acceptance study. To meet these objectives, DARE2X combines world-leading research institutions and innovative and R&D-performing SMEs specialised in renewable technologies, materials engineering, and technology demonstrations. The novel DARE2X approach has the potential to make decentralised production of green NH3 cost-competitive, providing European self-sufficiency of this vital future fuel, and creating European scientific and innovation excellence that will spawn new companies and create jobs.
Funded By European Union (EU)
Country Denmark , Western Europe
Project Value DKK 2,380,800

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Address Gregersensvej 1 2630 Taastrup
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