Cape Verde Project Notice - Sustainable Energy Access To Manage Water Resources: Addressing The Energy-Water Nexus

Project Notice

PNR 57087
Project Name Sustainable energy access to manage water resources: Addressing the Energy-Water Nexus
Project Detail Cape Verde is extremely vulnerable to climate change and faces severe adaptation challenges associated with water resources availability, energy security, and desertification processes. To overcome the low natural availability of water, desalination plants and underground boreholes are used to secure access to freshwater even though they require large amounts of energy to operate. In this regard, Cape Verde is facing an increasing power deficit which is already hampering economic and social development. The project will bring about an alternative scenario that combines technical assistance for improving the existing regulatory and institutional framework and investment in RE systems for water pumping in rural areas and water desalination in urban areas. Besides to support the scaling up efforts, the project will build technical capacity to install and maintain the RE systems for water pumping and desalination and will raise awareness among relevant stakeholders on the technical and financial feasibility of such interventions. It is expected that this project will significantly contribute to provide water services at a lower cost and will contribute to the broader shift towards the Energy-Water nexus approach in Cape Verde.
Funded By Global Environment Facility (GEF)
Sector Energy & Power
Country Cape Verde , Western Africa
Project Value CVE 1,826,072

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Company Name Global Environment Facility (GEF)
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