Various Countries Project Notice - Support To The Contingency Fund For Emergencies – World Health Organization - 2023

Project Notice

PNR 56061
Project Name Support to the Contingency Fund for Emergencies – World Health Organization - 2023
Project Detail The World Health Organization (WHO) works with countries and partners to prepare for, prevent, respond to, and recover from, hazards that create health emergencies, including disasters, disease outbreaks and conflicts. The WHO’s Contingency Fund for Emergencies (CFE) is a replenishable fund established to provide the resources necessary to rapidly scale up WHO’s initial acute response to outbreaks and emergencies with health consequences. The Fund is designed to fill critical funding gaps from the beginning of an emergency until the organization can access additional sources of funds. With GAC’s support, the CFE helps the WHO react early to prevent escalation of health emergencies. Project activities include: (1) deploying experts to assess outbreak threat; (2) delivering essential medicines, supplies and equipment; (3) training health personnel; and (4) strengthening health sector coordination and health information systems.
Funded By World Health Organization (WHO)
Country Various Countries , Southern Asia
Project Value AL 1,000,000

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