France Project Notice - Conserved Developmental Trajectories Channelling Lateral Root Primordium Morphogenesis

Project Notice

PNR 55521
Project Name Conserved develoPmentaL trAjectories chaNnelling laTeral root prImorDium morphogenesis
Project Detail The root system anchors the plant to the ground and absorbs water and nutrients to sustain plant development. Understanding root development and its adaptative behaviours to changing environments is a major goal of the 21st century. This interdisciplinary project aims to identify a conserved developmental program between a non-domesticated model plant, Brachypodium, and a cultivated legume crop, Lupin. Secondary root formations such as lateral root (LR) and cluster root (CR) are significant contributors to the adaptative nature of the root system’s architecture. This work will initiate five new collaborations and reciprocal expertise transfers that will benefit both the host labs and the researcher. Preliminary results from the hosting labs showed that Brachypodium LR and Lupin CR organogenesis share common developmental stages. The objectives of PLANTID are (i) investigating the developmental trajectories of LR cells in Brachypodium and (ii) identifying key cell wall (CW) regulators required for LR/CR development in Brachypodium and Lupin. The first phase of PLANTID will be conducted in the Laboratory of Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Neuchâtel (CH) and the second phase at the IPSiM (Institut for Plant Sciences of Montpellier), Montpellier (FR). The two research labs have complementary experiences in the root development of those organisms. Secondment at MPIMP Laboratory in Potsdam will generate the first CW atlas in LR morphogenesis for the two species. I will lead this fellowship with my strong expertise in CW biology and LR development. I will identify genetic regulators that impact nutrients and water uptake with a high potential for agricultural applications in cereal species (e.g biofuel and crop productivity). The project objectives support the strategic plan for research and innovation in the Horizon EU 2021-24 and the EU Green Deal: Restoring EU’s ecosystems and biodiversity to manage sustainable agriculture (Cluster 6).
Funded By European Union (EU)
Sector BPO
Country France , Western Europe
Project Value EUR 308,747

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