Algeria Project Notice - Reintegration Of Detainees In Algeria

Project Notice

PNR 51618
Project Name Reintegration of detainees in Algeria
Project Detail The “Reintegration of detainees in Algeria” project contributes to promoting the reintegration of the most vulnerable detainees into the Algerian social fabric, with the declared aim of strengthening social cohesion, a priority for the government. The project offers support to the General Directorate of Penitentiary Administration and Reintegration (DGAPR) for the modernization and optimization of the care and training of prisoners, with the aim of facilitating their social reintegration. . There are 162 civilian prison establishments in Algeria currently housing a prison population of approximately 68,000 people. In 2005, and with a view to reform, Algeria adopted a new code relating to prison organization and the social reintegration of prisoners. The UNDP has been supporting the Ministry of Justice since 2003 in projects aimed at modernizing the sector but also at supporting the prison policy focused on the care and reintegration of prisoners. The main objective is to improve the conditions of detention, in particular for the most vulnerable groups, so that they are more favorable to social reintegration, and thus to combat recidivism and the phenomenon of the spread of radicalization among detainees The risk of radicalization is perceived as a threat to social cohesion, a priority issue at the national level since the trauma of the "black decade" of the 1990s, the scene of a civil war between the government and the Islamist parties, majority in the first round of the legislative elections of December 1991. Women prisoners are a minority group within the prison population (1.7%), but they are particularly vulnerable and exposed to significant risks of recidivism upon their release from prison. The accommodation of female prisoners in reserved quarters allows almost individual care, based on psychological treatment, but these reserved quarters lack spaces dedicated to training workshops as well as nursery areas allowing the mother prisoners to take care of their children and bond with them in a protected space. This situation considerably reduces the chances of socio-professional reintegration of these women by preventing them from acquiring the tools necessary for reintegration into the labor market when they leave prison, in particular if they are young mothers. Objectives Promote the social reintegration of the most vulnerable detainees in Algeria, including in particular detainees designated as radicalized and women, by supporting the prison administration (internal and external services) and partner civil associations in the establishment of the necessary conditions for prioritizing the social reintegration of vulnerable groups.
Funded By United Nations (UN)
Sector Advertising & Media
Country Algeria , Northern Africa
Project Value 1 Million

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Company Name The Ministry of Justice
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