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PNR 50852
Project Name A green solution for waste concrete powder and incinerator bottom ash reinforced by CO2 capturing in concrete
Project Detail "The worlds population is growing continuously-and the waste generation is too. In 2019, 1052 M tonnes of the total EU waste generated was landfilled, 30% of which was from the construction sector, in particular waste concrete, and municipal incinerator bottom ash (IBA). Proper management of these wastes is one of the most important responsibilities to provide a healthy environment for future generations. Moreover, reducing CO2 emission to at least 55% below 1990 levels by 2030 is a must to reach a carbon-free society aligned with the European Green Deal. Hence, the proposed project aims to utilize waste concrete powder (WCP) and IBA as alternative materials to cement, and thereby convert these solid wastes into worth. This also helps to satisfy the cement demand in the construction industry as a massive CO2 emitter. The main objectives of W2WGCO2 are, to treat the WCP and IBA by CO2 capturing from emitted flue gas of cement plant, to manufacture the cementitious composite (CC) from carbonated WCP and carbonated IBA, and to study the performance of the CC in the green concrete application. This proposal involves extensive training of the researcher on the carbonation treatment method and green concrete technology in the host (NTNU) and advanced characterization of the carbonated wastes in the academic secondment (IETcc-CSIC). Life cycle assessment of carbonated solid wastes and green concrete products will also be studied to highlight the environmental impacts of the proposed project. In addition to the environmental benefits, the success of the project will boost both research and complementary skills of the researcher, including learning new experimental and analysis methods, communication, teaching and supervision skills, writing EU patent and ERC funding. Also, the expected results will be published in high-impact journals which improve the profile of the researcher and makes her a competitive person in the field of ""sustainable and green building materials""."
Funded By European Union (EU)
Sector BPO
Country Norway , Northern Europe
Project Value 210,911

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