Belgium Project Notice - All-In-One Surface Methodology For Corrosion Protection In Metal Additive Manufacturing

Project Notice

PNR 50850
Project Name All-in-one surface methodology for corrosion protection in Metal Additive Manufacturing
Project Detail All-in-one surface methodology for corrosion protection in Metal Additive Manufacturing Metal Additive Manufacturing (MAM), also known as 3D metal printing, has attracted a great deal of attention from scientists and industries due to its potential in the state-of-the-art production of complex-shaped designs in the transport industry. MAM is considered the fundamental technology for Industry 4.0 since it is a low-cost and energy-efficient processing method for metallic components with a minimal environmental impact. Nevertheless, the surface finishing of MAM components is uncontrolled during the fabrication, resulting in low corrosion-resistant components. So far, current post-surface treatments are non-eco-friendly, non-energy efficient, and the achieved corrosion resistance does not fulfil the service life requirements. In this scenario, the main goal of the SuMAM project is to achieve the full exploitation of MAM in the transport industry following the European Green Deal. Namely, as a major innovation, we will develop an innovative All-in-one methodology to achieve the highest corrosion resistance during printing, removing the need for post-treatment. We will combine two approaches: surface creating by (i) in-situ laser processing and (ii) incorporation of additives during printing to control the surface without affecting the bulk properties of the final components. Our target materials are four aluminium alloys and one stainless steel, widely used materials in the transport industry. This project is an outstanding opportunity for the fundamental advancement of MAM science by a technological and economically feasible methodology. The SuMAM project presents the best research scenario for Dr. Rubén Del Olmo Martínez (candidate) to further develop his scientific career. The SuMAM project is led by Prof. Dr. Ir. Iris de Graeve and Prof. Dr. Ir. Herman Terryn from the SURF research group of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), with a proven outstanding track record in both academic and industrial sectors in the scope of the proposal.
Funded By European Union (EU)
Country Belgium , Western Europe
Project Value EUR 191,760

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