Germany Project Notice - Wireless Deep BRAIN Stimulation Through Engineered Multifunctinal Nanomaterials

Project Notice

PNR 50762
Project Name Wireless deep BRAIN STimulation thrOugh engineeRed Multifunctinal nanomaterials
Project Detail BRAINSTORM will introduce an innovative, scalable, wireless, multimodal nanoinvasive neuromodulation technology suitable for independent and switchable excitation and inhibition of deep brain neurons. BRAINSTORM breakthrough relies on novel smart anisotropic magnetic nanomaterials (SMNs) acting both as nanoscale ‘heaters’ and as ‘torquers’ by leveraging either hysteretic losses under kHz frequencies or transitions from vortex to in-plane magnetization under Hz frequencies. Intrinsic bimodal functionality that permits direct control of thermosensitive or mechanosenitive neurons, will be boosted by advanced polymer functionalization to transfer torques to electrical signals trough piezoelectric coating, and to enable transport and delivery of viral vectors to targeted neurons for genetic targeting with sensory channels. SMNs will also be steered to endogenous sensory channels relying on antibody targeting. Selected actuation of ion channels that respond to thermal or mechanical stimulus will permit selective activation or inhibition of targeted neuronal populations identifiable by magnetic resonance imaging. Advanced driving electronics will include to metamaterial solenoid coils for rapid frequency switch for control of ‘mechanical’ or ‘thermal’ functionality while focused ultrasound will facilitate non invasive delivery of SMNs in the targeted brain area. The ability of the BRAINSTORM platform to shape behaviour and demonstrate therapeutic potential by modulating the excitation/inhibition balance through thermal/mechanical/electrical modalities will be demonstrated in mouse models of Fragile X syndrome.
Funded By European Union (EU)
Sector BPO
Country Germany , Western Europe
Project Value EUR 2,524,100

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