Burkina Faso Project Notice - BURKINA FASO - Emergency Project For Increasing Agricultural Production In Burkina Faso (PURPA-BF) - (AEFPF)

Project Notice

PNR 50117
Project Name BURKINA FASO - Emergency Project for Increasing Agricultural Production in Burkina Faso (PURPA-BF) - (AEFPF)
Project Detail Project Summary Approval Date 08 Dec 2022 Planned Completion Date 04 Aug 2026 Last Disbursement Planned Date 04 Aug 2026 Sovereign / Non-Sovereign Sovereign Sector Agriculture and Rural Development DAC Sector Code 31110 Commitment U.A 29,600,000 Status Approved Project General Description The proposed intervention is a TSF Pillar I Grant not exceeding UA 13.294 million and a TSF Pillar I Loan not exceeding UA 16.306 million to the Republic of Burkina Faso from the unallocated resources under Pillar I of the Transition Support Facility (TSF), to assist the population affected by soaring prices and declining production. This is a national investment operation in response to The poor performance of the 2021 crop year, which has led to a food crisis that has been exacerbated by the effects of COVID-19 and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on input and food prices. The project therefore intends to offset this vicious circle by making huge investments to improve the availability (procurement), accessibility (subsidy and distribution) and use (advisory support) of inputs. Its implementation will help to reduce food shortages on six major crops: maize, rice, soybean, sorghum, wheat and cowpea. Besides specific responses, the project will support structural reforms to improve sector governance and the functioning of value chains. Project Objectives The development goal is to help farmers and countries to increase food production to mitigate the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The sector objective is to contribute to increasing maize, rice, soybean, cowpea, sorghum and wheat production to improve the people’s food security. Beneficiaries Target area covers the entire national territory, with a high concentration of activities (i) around large-scale accessible irrigated plains (Bagrépôle, Bama, Banzon and Karfiguéla) which have at least two crop seasons per year and (ii) in the 33 municipalities targeted by P2-P2RS which will start at the same period as PURPA-BF. These municipalities will benefit from synergies between PURPA-BF input support activities and P2-P2RS community-driven projects led by municipalities (e.g. agricultural machinery, pest management, product processing and marketing). Project activities will be implemented in a total of 250 municipalities where the security situation is under control. The project will target 102 000 direct beneficiaries and 612 000 indirect beneficiaries who are the household members of the direct beneficiaries (7 people per household).
Funded By Self-Funded
Sector Administration & Marketing
Country Burkina Faso , Western Africa
Project Value XOF 29,600,000

Contact Information

Company Name Fragile States Facility
Web Site https://projectsportal.afdb.org/dataportal/VProject/show/P-BF-AA0-037

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