Lebanon Project Notice - 47523

Project Notice

PNR 47523
Project Name Wheat supply emergency response project
Project Detail The Project Development Objective is to ensure the availability of wheat in Lebanon, in response to the global commodity market disr uptions, and to maintain access to affordable bread by poor and vulnerable households. Project Details Project ID P178866 Status Active Team Leader Irina Schuman,Armine Juergenliemk Borrower 2 The Lebanese Republic Country Lebanon Approval Date (as of board presentation) May 6, 2022 Total Project Cost 1 US$ 0.00 million Implementing Agency Ministry of Economy and Trade Region Middle East and North Africa Fiscal Year 3 2022 Commitment Amount US$ 135.00 million Environmental and Social Risk Substantial Last Update Date April 26, 2022 Closing Date N/A
Funded By The World Bank Group
Sector Administration & Marketing
Country Lebanon , Western Asia
Project Value Plz Refer Document

Contact Information

Company Name Ministry of Economy and Trade
Web Site https://projects.worldbank.org/en/projects-operations/project-detail/P178866

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