Lebanon Project Notice - 46527

Project Notice

PNR 46527
Project Detail The project contributes to improved water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) conditions of Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese host communities in schools and informal tented settlements (ITSs) in Baalbek-Hermel through a gender- and conflict-sensitive approach. The project has three specific outcomes: 1) Lebanese and Syrian female and male students have improved, sustainable and inclusive access to safe water, sanitation facilities and hygiene practices that address gender-specific needs in targeted schools in Baalbek-Hermel. 2) Female students are empowered to practice safe and dignified menstrual hygiene management in targeted schools in Baalbek-Hermel. 3) Households (HH) in Informal Tented Settlements (ITSs) have improved hygiene practices and access to sustainable safe water and sanitation facilities in Baalbek-Hermel. Expected results 1.1) Rehabilitated water facilities in 14 schools are operational as per safe water standards and environmentally sustainable. 1.2) 5,880 female and male students benefit from access to safe sanitation facilities that ensure hygienic disposal and management of excreta and consider needs of women and people with disabilities. 1.3) 5,880 female and male students are aware of key public health risks related to WASH. 1.4) 14 operation and maintenance committees increased their knowledge on hygiene practices and facility maintenance. 2.1) 4,480 female students have increased their knowledge about menstrual hygiene management and access to appropriate items. 3.1) Target population in ITSs is sensitized on key public health risks related to WASH. 3.2) 120 households water and sanitary conditions are improved and maintained in ITSs. 3.3) 12 community operation and maintenance committees are able to perform hygiene promotion (HP), operation and maintenance activities.
Funded By Austrian Development Agency (ADA)
Sector Oil & Gas
Country Lebanon , Western Asia
Project Value 2 Million

Contact Information

Company Name ÖRK - Austrian Red Cross
Web Site https://www.entwicklung.at/en/projects/detail-en/gender-sensitive-wash-in-schools-and-itss-in-baalbek-hermel

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