Uganda Project Notice - 46524

Project Notice

PNR 46524
Project Detail The objective of the project is to “contribute to the sustainable management of water resources in Uganda”, integrating the water, health, agriculture, industry and environment sectors. This is in line with the integrated water resources management approach stipulated in the National Water Policy and the Uganda Catchment Management Guidelines. Expected results Improve knowledge and enhanced institutional capacity in water quality management in support of policymaking and effective water resources management. Output area 1:Improving water quality monitoring and information sharing, through existing data collation and additional comprehensive physico-chemical monitoring and biomonitoring. Output area 2:Developing a water quality modelling framework for Uganda, covering nationwide baseline setup and a case study, including scenario analysis for climate change and management Options. Output area 3. Enhancing institutional capacity for water quality management to inform policy and practice. Target group / Beneficiaries At least 60 persons (practitioners, policymakers and researchers from Ugandan governments and universities) working in the water sector will directly benefit from the trainings on water quality related aspects. The Directorate of Water Resources Management of the Ministry of Water and Environment of Uganda, as an institution with an overall mandate for water resources management in Uganda, is the main target institution for the tailored institutional capacity enhancement. Other direct beneficiaries include the national and regional development partners, investors, civil society organisations and scientists.
Funded By Self-Funded
Sector Engineering
Country Uganda , Eastern Africa
Project Value 2 Million

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Company Name IIASA - Internationales Institut für angewandte Systemanalyse - International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
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