China Project Notice - 46262

Project Notice

PNR 46262
Project Name Liaoning Green Smart Public Transport Demonstration Project
Project Detail The Project will, above all, substitute modern battery electric buses (BEBs) for existing diesel-fueled or gas-fueled buses in five small and/or medium cities in Liaoning, including Fuxin City, Hu’ludao City, Jinzhou City, Panjin City, and Yingkou City (together Project cities). Also, public transport management systems in the Project cities will be upgraded using smart digitalized platforms. The Project will demonstrate that: (i) BEBs are viable options to zero-emission public transport systems in Liaoning; and (ii) smart public transport management system can enhance the efficiency of public transport, provide better services, and attract more passengers to use public transport in the Project cities. Key Project activities include: (i) procurement of about 1,285 BEBs. (ii) construction of about 286 new bus chargers. (iii) installation of smart public transport management systems and supporting software and equipment in the Project cities, which include automated fare collection terminals, automatic vehicle location system, real-time driving assistance and safety systems, passenger information systems, depot management system, and bus stop management system, etc. (iv) construction of the Liaodong Bay Intercity Bus Service Center in Panjin, (v) construction of the New Green Bus Maintenance Workshop in Fuxin, and (vi) technical support and capacity building to the five bus companies on BEBs and smart public transport technology. To improve the quality and efficiency of public transport service and urban environment by replacing existing fossilfueled buses with BEBs and applying digital technology to public transport management systems in five small and medium-sized cities of Liaoning Province.
Funded By Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
Sector Entertainment
Country China , Eastern Asia
Project Value 214 Million

Contact Information

Company Name People’s Government of Liaoning Province
Address Gang Wang Deputy Director Liaoning Urban and Rural Construction and Renewal Project Management Company
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