Turkey Project Notice - 44760

Project Notice

PNR 44760
Project Name Izmir Metro Phase 5: Üçyol - Buca Line
Project Detail OBJECTIVE To increase the capacity, connectivity, and efficiency of Izmir Metro. DESCRIPTION The Project involves the tendering, construction, and operation of a new metro line (M2) between the central districts of Konak and Karabaglar and the south-eastern district of Buca, Izmir’s most populous area. The new line will encompass 13.4-kilometer (Km) of tunnels and tracks, 11 underground stations, including interchanges with the existing metro line (M1) at Üçyol and the commuter rail (Izban) at Sirinyer. The line will be connected to a depot and workshop by a 6-km access tunnel. The Project is the fifth expansion of Izmir Metro’s network and will meet the City’s increasing demand for high-capacity public transport between three densely populated areas. It will provide a cleaner and more efficient alternative to road traffic, in line with the City’s Transport Master Plan until 2030 (TMP). The construction is expected to start in the fourth quarter of 2021 and take 4 years to complete. The Project includes underground and civil engineering works (stations, tunnels), electro-mechanical works (signaling, telecommunications, energy supply, elevators and escalators, environmental control systems), and auxiliary facilities. The Project excludes the purchase of rolling stock, to be procured subsequently. The City is financing the Project with a combination of external finance and budgetary resources. The Project will be funded with external debt up to EUR490 million to be provided by AIIB (up to EUR125 million), EBRD (EUR125 million), AFD (EUR125 million), and other lenders (up to EUR115 million). The contract between the Izmir Municipality and the Contractor will be subject to a two-stage open international tender process under EBRD’s Procurement Policies and Rules. The General Procurement Notice was published on February 8, 2021. The Invitation for Tenders was published on February 12, 2021. Once built, the Project will be operated by Izmir Metro (IM), a municipal entity, under an indefinite lease agreement with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality (IMM).
Funded By Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
Sector Entertainment
Country Turkey , Western Asia
Project Value 650 Million

Contact Information

Company Name Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
Address Mustafa Kapci Rail System Department Manager mustafakapci@izmir.bel.tr
Web Site https://www.aiib.org/en/projects/details/2021/proposed/Turkey-Izmir-Metro-Phase-5-Buca-Line.html

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