Bangladesh Project Notice - Mymensingh Kewatkhali Bridge Project

Project Notice

PNR 43878
Project Name Mymensingh Kewatkhali Bridge Project
Project Detail The objective of the proposed project is to reduce congestion and improve mobility and connectivity by addressing the cross-river bottleneck between Mymensingh and Shambhugonj on the Dhaka-Mymensingh-India corridor. DESCRIPTION The project seeks to ease traffic congestion in the Mymensingh City by diverting traffic away from the city’s central area via the construction of the Kewatkhali Bridge over the Brahmaputra River at Mymensingh with the overpasses and approach road. The proposed project consists of three components as described below. Component 1. Bridge and Approach Roads with road and rail overpasses construction works. The project will support the construction of the Kewatkhali Bridge, about 1100 meters in length and an approach road of about six kilometers in length. Other ancillary works to make the project bridge fully functional will include the installation of traffic management equipment and traffic surveillance, installation of state-of-the-art Bridge Health Monitoring System (BHMS) over the main bridge, street lighting and landscaping, construction of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) facilities, and communication systems. Component 2. Consulting services. This component will comprise the financing of bridge and approach roads construction supervision. Component 3: Project management support and capacity building. This component is comprised of project management costs of the project implementation unit. The project will also support the training, capacity building and institutional development of RHD for operating, managing and maintaining the RHD roads and bridges of the project division areas. This is of particular importance given this will be the first arch steel bridge in the country and the RHD has no previous experience on the O&M of this type of bridge.
Funded By Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
Sector Entertainment
Country Bangladesh , Southern Asia
Project Value BDT 260,000,000

Contact Information

Company Name Roads and Highways Department, Ministry of Roads, Transport and Bridges (MRTB)
Address Quazi Shahriar Hossain Chief Engineer
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