Norway Project Notice - 39796

Project Notice

PNR 39796
Project Name Scale-up and demonstrate the production of a novel High Resolution piqlFilm for Ultra-secure data storage and long-term preservation of digital and analogue data
Project Detail piqlFilm-GO’s goal is to mature, scale-up and demonstrate the production of our novel high-performance piqlFilm technology (63µm PET for the base, lifetime up to +1,000 years and storage capacity up to 16m pixels per frame) to commercialise our disruptive and patented Piql System for ultra-secure storage and long-term preservation of digital and analogue data. It solves the needs of both End-clients with a focus on guaranteed data authenticity and integrity, and on keeping data for centuries. Our Piql System is based on technology breakthroughs in converting photosensitive film into a digital, migration-free storage medium our piqlFilm. Our piqlFilm has been developed and patented thought the previous Eurostars projects ARCHIVATOR, MILOS and PRESERVIA and a Norwegian research project ASTOR. Piql will monetize their Piql Services based on a franchising business model with 50/50 net revenue share with a network of Piql Partners responsible for selling and delivering services to End-clients. Currently, Piql has 19 Piql Partners across 22 countries worldwide, which Boneheadz Piql principal Partner in central Europe operating in Slovakia. At the upstream of the supply chain, Filmotec, and InovisCoat will generate revenue from the production of the novel piqlFilm consumable to be used by the Piql System. By successfully implementing the piqlFilm-GO project, we will create a measurable impact on the industry-driven companies that form our consortium, quantified as accumulated gross revenue from the sale of €429.2m for the first 5-years’ post project and reach company accumulated net earnings before tax of more than €120.4m. We also expect to create more than 213 new jobs in the consortium.
Funded By European Union (EU)
Sector GRC
Country Norway , Western Europe
Project Value 4 Million

Contact Information

Company Name PIQL AS
Address Gronland 56 3045 Drammen
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