Jordan Project Notice - Employment Creation And Promotion Of Income-Generating Activities For Vulnerable Groups Affected By The Syrian Refugee Crisis In Northern Jordan

Project Notice

PNR 22256
Project Name Employment creation and promotion of income-generating activities for vulnerable groups affected by the Syrian refugee crisis in northern Jordan
Project Detail The continuous conflict in Syria has increased the number of refugees in the neighbouring countries. According to UNHCR Statistic, countries such as Jordan have hosted more than 600,000 persons since December 2015. The Syrian crisis has created tremendous economic and social instability for the country where the refugee population is roughly amounting to a tenth of Jordan’s population. Over the last five years, competition over employment opportunities, where Syrian refugees seek informal employment without work permits and for wages lower than the national minimum wage has become a real issue. Alongside the displaced populations, the vulnerable groups in rural areas are the most affected, especially female-run households. There is a continuous need to support employment and income generating activities for the most vulnerable segments to mitigate the consequences of the crisis. The aim of the project is to support employment creation and promotion of income generating activities for the vulnerable groups affected by the crisis. The project aims to contribute to creating employment and generating income for the beneficiaries with special focus on women and youth through improving various skills and capacities in producing and processing food and nonfood agro products. The Austrian IDF has expressed their interest in funding this project for a total of 320,000 EUR
Funded By The Austrian IDF
Sector Services
Country Jordan , Western Asia
Project Value JOD 397,149

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Company Name Government of Jordan
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