Egypt Project Notice - Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Project Notice

PNR 21446
Project Name Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Project Detail Bibliotheca Alexandrina is a striking piece of hi-tech architecture built to commemorate the revival of the Ancient library of Alexandria. The architectural team designed a cylindrical building sunk half-way into the ground, as a sun rising from the earth. Unpolished Aswan granite cladding is covering the perimeter wall, onto which signs and letters representing the alphabets were engraved. The project was constructed in two phases. The first phase was for the foundations works and the second was for the superstructure including all the necessary services and systems; such as: finishing, electromechanical works and the landscape. The Arab Contractors engaged in a partnership with Italian companies for the first phase and with Balfour Beatty of UK for the second phase.
Funded By Other Funding Agencies
Sector Cultural Buildings
Country Egypt , Northern Africa
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Company Name Bibliotheca Alexandrina
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