Bolivia Project Notice - Applied Research On Adaptation To Climate Change

Project Notice

PNR 14794
Project Name Applied research on adaptation to climate change
Project Detail Bolivia is severely affected by the negative effects of climate change (HC) - especially 500,000 particularly vulnerable families living in poverty in the highlands of the Andes. The project aims to improve the resilience of poor families in the Andes. A competition aims to finance around 100 research projects in the countrys two best-known universities within 4 years. It is applied research on topics that meet the concrete needs of the Andes village communities most affected by the CW. background According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the Bolivian Andes are one of the regions with the highest ecological vulnerability. It is estimated that temperatures will rise by 2ºC by 2030, and by as much as max. Rise to 6 ºC. This will generally reduce rainfall in Bolivias arid zones, but it will rain more in the humid regions. Most critical is the situation on the plateau (Altiplano) and in the Andean valleys, the altitudes 800 to over 4000 m.ü.M. include. Poverty is great and ecosystems are vulnerable. In addition there are the strong deforestation and changes in land use. All this leads to a high social and ecological vulnerability. Adaptation to climate change is a priority in the Bolivian constitution (2009) and in the Bolivian framework law for Mother Earth, Integral Development and "el vivir bien" ("Ley Marco de la Madre Tierra y Desarrollo Integral para Vivir Bien" - 2012) anchored. One of the measures to combat environmental vulnerability and the impact of HC is an applied research agenda designed to provide the necessary knowledge to implement climate change adaptation measures. Bolivia needs support in implementing this agenda, which aims to strengthen the resilience of the populations most affected by the effects of climate change. Objectives By increasing its resilience to the negative effects of climate change, the project is helping to improve the living conditions of rural populations in the Bolivian Andes. Target groups 500,000 poor and the negative effects of climate change on vulnerable families in the Andean region of Bolivia. 600 technicians and decision makers from 90 municipalities, producer associations, NGOs and 82 research institutes Medium-term outcomes Applied research has delivered good quality scientific research on adaptation to climate change in Andean rural areas. The research results have been communicated in an attractive way to the most relevant rural development stakeholders in the Andean region. The scientific capacities and research management of the two universities are strengthened. results Results from previous phases: Switzerland has been working with Bolivian universities for more than 40 years and has extensive and successful experience. As some of the most important results so far, the following can be mentioned: Research on Andean Farming Upgrades: 2,000 small farming families have improved their production thanks to the scientifically supported agroecological approach of the AGRUCO university institute, which places particular emphasis on the revival of Andean practices Agricultural Mechanization Studies for Small Producers: As a result of the studies, a company has been set up that has sold 25,000 agricultural machines in the past 5 years alone. 125,000 smallholders have profited from this, who thanks to the machines were able to significantly reduce their production costs. Study on feed seeds: Again, a company could be founded on the basis of the research results. It has become the most important feed seed supplier in Bolivia and works directly with 1,500 small seed producers. So far, it has sold 15,200 tons of seed - that is 1.4 million hectares of land with corresponding positive effects on meat and milk production.
Funded By Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Sector Agricultural Research
Country Bolivia , South America
Project Value BOB 4,770,000

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Company Name Embassy La Paz
Address Calle 13, no. 455 Esquina 14 de Septiembre Obrajes La Paz Bolivia map Phone central office +591 2 275 10 01 Fax center +591 2 214 08 84
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