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PNN 66864
Work Detail Sales of off-grid solar products in west Africa are dominated by Nigeria, with 82°/o of total units sold in the region in the second half of 2022, taking place in the country. Sales of key appliances (which have reached mainstream levels of production such as TVs, fans, refrigeration units and solar water pumps) were 5% lower than in the first half of the year, but still 14% higher than the second half of 2022. Key appliance sales in the West Africa region account for 64% of Sub-Saharan Africa sales. This region has overtaken East Africa for total key appliance volumes of sales. "West Africa has a more dynamic fan market than East Africa, which is a leading factor," says GOGLA in their latest Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report: Semi-Annual Sales & Impact Data which covers the time period July-December 2023. The number of fans sold across West Africa in the second half of 2023 increased by 9%. Of these, 92% were bundled with a power system, generally a solar home system. The vast majority of fan sales in the region took place in Nigeria. "Fan sales only include pedestal fans at 72,514 units sold, and table fans at 86,062 units sold, while there were no ceiling fan sales reported," read the report. Results based financing making a difference in Nigeria Between 2019 and 2022, the Nigerian Electrification Program (NEP) drew on its $75 million results-based financing facility. This played a key role in accelerating solar energy kit sales in what was then a largely untapped market. "While support from the NEP did lead to significant increases in sales over the period it was active, issues with the fund have meant that the RBF scheme was unable to honour payments due to companies that made eligible sales. It may take time to understand the full impact of these issues for some companies," Gogla explained in the report.
Country Nigeria , Western Africa
Industry Energy & Power
Entry Date 13 May 2024

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