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Procurement News Notice

PNN 35166
Work Detail The investment exceeds $211 million and there are two bidders to complete the work. This is the joint venture made up of Corporación del Sur SA and Calzetta SA and the company Machines and Trucks Argentinas SA. The Ministry of Planning and Infrastructure opened the envelopes for the tender for the work for the commissioning, operation and maintenance of the sewage treatment plant of the Almafuerte I, II Penitentiary Complex and the Federal Prison. The investment will be more than $211 million. At the opening ceremony, which took place this Tuesday on the 7th floor of the Government House, two bidders were presented: the joint venture made up of Corporación del Sur SA and Calzetta SA and Machines and Trucks Argentinas SA. The project contemplates the construction of a series of lagoons (primary, secondary and optional tertiary); the expansion of the existing maintenance box; the construction of bathrooms/reservoirs in lagoons; the bypass circuit of the plant in the event of operational contingencies and other minor works, such as circulation roads. This includes the proposal and execution of differentiated flowmeters, the repair of the automatic grid system, the execution of the protection wall at the exit of the bypass channel, survey of the level dimensions of the flow distribution system and the execution of inspection cameras. in changes of address. In addition, there will be a unit for the pre-treatment of the sewage liquid that enters the treatment plant. The objective is to remove solids such as waste in general, plastics, branches and objects dragged by the current of the residual liquid. This unit must be repaired so that it works in optimal conditions, separating these materials at the beginning of the treatment and before entering the system, to prevent the obstruction of pipes, damage to electromechanical equipment and subsequent treatment units. For this reason, the reopening of the circulation roads and maintenance of the treatment plant must be achieved, which implies the removal of dragging material and vegetation that has grown on them. At the same time, civil works include the provision, assembly, installation and commissioning of all materials and equipment. The works must be programmed to minimize the inconveniences in the sewage and drinking water services: overflows, superficial spillage of effluents, water cuts, reduction of flows and pressures, among others. The execution period for the basic work is 240 days and 36 months for the operation and maintenance of the plant. SETTING UP OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE TREATMENT PLANT AND ACRE. ALMAFUERTE I-II AND FEDERAL PENITENTIARY COMPLEXES Type of Work: Engineering Works Client: MINISTRY OF PLANNING AND PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE Tender No.: 4/2022-40 Place: Province of Mendoza Opening date: 05/10/2022 at 10:00 AM Official budget: $211,324,349.00
Country Argentina , South America
Industry Engineering
Entry Date 13 May 2022

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