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PNN 35162
Work Detail Located in different Colombian cities, an important group of shopping centers have decided to opt for the improvement of energy and environmental management in their processes and facilities. The French company Greenyellow has participated in most of them, from where it claims to have developed energy efficiency projects and installed 15,622 photovoltaic panels in 14 projects for as many shopping centers located in departments such as Cundinamarca, Sucre, Antioquia, Meta, Atlántico , Boyaca and La Guajira. The promotion of natural light and green spaces, the use of renewable energies and efficient lighting were some of the measures implemented in these projects, among which the Premium Outlet Arauco Sopó shopping center in the town of the same name stands out, for having the first photovoltaic plant for self-consumption. There, a system with a capacity of 55.8 kWp has been installed on the ground, in an area of ??almost 500 m2. The desired impact on the electricity bill of the complex is to obtain a 25% reduction in its annual cost. Another notable project is the one involving the Panorama Shopping Center, in Barranquilla, which in 2019 implemented on its roof, through its anchor supermarket, a solar plant with an installed capacity of 518.3 kWp that currently generates 706 MWh/year, which covers 30% of the supermarkets energy consumption. These actions, added to others, such as the intervention of its air conditioning systems, have allowed the shopping center to prevent the emission of 953.3 tons of CO2 per year, equivalent to 1.6 hectares of planted trees necessary for the absorption of said gas. In addition to what has been done in the Panorama Shopping Center, the installation, at the end of 2021, of the largest photovoltaic panel system carried out to date on the garages, with an installed capacity of 256.62 kWp. The technical specifications of this system account for the installation of 546 panels on a structure that occupies 1,226 m2, which also provides shade and protection for visitor vehicles, an aspect that is nothing less if the calorific value of the Caribbean sun is taken into account. . Electricity generation is estimated at 415.43 MWh/year, energy that is injected into the shopping center facilities and with which almost 40% of the establishments consumption is covered. Other shopping centers that are on the same rope are Unicentro Villavicencio and Diverplaza, in Bogotá, and ten of the Viva Shopping Centers located in Colombia: Sincelejo, Laureles, Palmas, Fontibón, Envigado, Villavicencio, Wajiira, La Ceja and Tunja and Éxito Panorama .
Country Colombia , South America
Industry Energy & Power
Entry Date 13 May 2022

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