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PNN 35160
Work Detail pv magazine compiles the new products presented at Intersolar – The Smarter-E. This is the case of the new 5.3 kWh battery from Weco that can be used as a wall-mounted solution or in a stackable configuration. Up to 15 modules can be stacked without additional components, thanks to a special casing. Italian battery manufacturer Weco is presenting a low-voltage storage system this week at the Smarter E event in Munich, Germany. The new 5k3XP battery can be connected to low or high voltage inverters, thanks to a double circuit and an integrated battery management system that works without the need to add components. "Our new battery can work in parallel as a low-voltage storage system or in series to work in voltage, without the need for accessories or special programming," Giorgio Tibolla, the companys sales director for Europe, told pv magazine. , Middle East and Africa The 5.3 kWh battery can be used as a wall-mounted solution or in a stackable configuration. Thanks to a special housing, up to 15 modules can be stacked without the need for additional components. It measures 580mm x 463mm x 155mm and weighs 57.3kg. The device can supposedly work for more than 8,000 cycles and supply up to 98.8% of the stored energy. The energy density of the module is about 335 Wh. In low voltage mode, the storage system can be connected in parallel to form a low voltage system with up to 105 batteries, providing a storage capacity of up to 548 kWh. In high voltage mode, the storage systems can be connected in series to form a group with a maximum voltage of 1,000 V (DC), with the groups stacked in 10 towers composed of 16 modules each, providing a storage capacity of up to 836 kWh. The lithium ion system uses LiFePO4 as the cathode material and has an ambient operating temperature range of -20 C to 45 C. The nanographene used in the chemical solution contributes to the stability and longevity of the LiFeP04 chemistry used in the battery, the manufacturer said. "This new version is equipped with an artificial intelligence device capable of communicating with the WeCo Cloud database, ensuring proper operation also depending on seasonality and temperatures," explained Tibolla. "It is also capable of dynamically managing the charging and discharging functions of the solar inverter also connected to electric vehicle charging stations." The company produces the batteries at its facilities in Italy and at a factory in China, where its WeCo Batteries China unit operates. "We are also studying the possibility of opening a factory in the US," Tibolla said.
Country Italy , Western Europe
Industry Energy & Power
Entry Date 13 May 2022

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