E-Tender For Entering Into Rate Contract E-Tender For Entering Into Rate Contract For Supp...

Contract Award Notice

TRR 7893026
Organization Animal Husbandry And Veterinary Department
Tender No CVS/P-5/Tender/2022-23/37
Funded By Self-Funded
Country India , Southern Asia
Contract Value 40 Million

Work Detail

E-Tender For Entering Into Rate Contract E-Tender For Entering Into Rate Contract For Supply Of Veterinary Medicines, Aid Material, Surgical Items And Other Veterinary Items For The Year 2022-23 , Please Enter The Rate For Only Those Items Which Are Quoted Else Leave The Rate Field Blank , 5% Dextrose & 0.9% Sodium Chloride, 500Ml , 0.9% Sodium Chloride Infusion, 500Ml , Calcium Intravenous Infusion -Calcium Gluconate Ip Equivalent To Calcium:1.86%W / V With Boric Acid. Per 450Ml Bottle. , Intravenous Infusion -Calcium Gluconate Ip Equivalent To Calcium:1.86%W / V With Boric Acid To Calcium Magnesium Hypophosphite I.P Vet, 450Ml Glass Bottle. , Dextrose 20%, Nacl, Kcl, Na-Lactate, 500Ml. Per Bottle. , Ampicillin Sodium + Cloxacillin Inj With Dist. Water, 3Gm Vial , Gentamycin Sulphate 40 Mg / Ml Inj., 30Ml Vial , Each Vial Contains Cetriaxone Sodium Ip 400Mg, Tazobactum Sodium 500Mg, Per 4.5Gm Vial With Sterile Water For Injection. , Each Ml Contains Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride Ip Vet. Equivalent To Oxytetracycline 50Mg, Per 30Ml Vial , Amoxicillin + Cloxacillin Inj. Containing Amoxicillin Sodium And Cloxacilin Sodium, With Dist. Water, 3Gm Vial , Enrofloxacin 100 Mg / Ml Inj, 50 Ml Vial , Strepto Penicillin Inj.Containing Streptomycinsulphate2.5 Gm., Procaine Penicillin 1500, 000 I.U.Penicilin Sodium G 500000I.U. Inj. With Dist. Water, 2.5 Gm Vial , Tetracycline Hydrochloride 500Mg , Per Bolus , Tetracycline Water Soluble Powder, 100Gm Pack , Cephalexin 750 Mg. Powder, 20Gm Pack , Each Bolus Contains Tolfenamic Acid 500Mg, Per Bolus. , Ofloxacin 1000 Mg, Ornidazole 2500 Mg, Per Bolus , Powder Containing Amoxicillin Trihydrate 5% W / W, Dicloxacillin Sodium 5%W / W, 50 Gm Pouch Pack. , Inj. Each Ml Contains Meloxicum 5Mg With Paracetamol 150Mg, 30Ml Vial , Meloxicum 2.5Mg, Per Tab , Meloxicum 100 Mg + Paracetamol 1500 Mg.+ Serrati Peptidase 75 Mg, Per Bolus , Chlorpheniramine Maleate 10 Mg / Ml. Inj, 30Ml Vial , Each Ml Contains Ciprofloxacin 125 Mg., Tinidazole 150 Mg , 60Ml Bottle , Ciprofloxacin 1500Mg And Tinidazole 1800Mg, Per Bolus , Ivermectin Tab 10 Mg, Per Tab , Sulphadimidine I.P. 5 Gm, Per Bolus , Dried Aluminium Hydroxide Gel 600 Mg + Magnesium Hydroxide 300 Mg + Simethicone 400 Mg + Sorbitolsolution 100 Mg + Dill Oil 50 Mg / 10 Ml, Per 100Ml Bottle , Triclabendazole 900Mg, Per Bolus , Triclabendazole 50Mg, Ivermectin 1Mg, Per 100Ml Bottle , Amoxicillin Trihydrate 1500Mg, Per Bolus , Fenbendazole Bolus 1.5 Gm, Per Bolus , Fenbendazole 150 Mg And Praziquantel 50 Mg Tablet, Per Bolus , Piperazine Hexahydrate 45% Solution, Per 30Ml Bottle , Each Bolus Contains Fenbendazole 150Mg, Per Bolus , Each Bolus Contains Fenbendazole 3000Mg And Ivermectin 100Mg, Per Bolus , Each Ml Contains Triclabendazole 50Mg, Ivermectin Ip 1Mg, Per 500Ml Can , Each 300Gm Gel Contains Ionic Calcium 45Gms, Potassium 2.25Gms And Magnesium 2.75 Gms, Per 300Gm Bottle , Each 3.5 Gm Pre-Filled Syringe Contains Cefuroxime Sodium Ip 250 Mg, Per 3.5 Gm Pre-Filled Syringe. , Each 5 Ml Contains Levofloxacin Hemihydrate Ip 100 Mg & Ornidazole Ip 200 Mg, Per 75Ml Bottle , Solution Containing Rafoxanide Hydrochloride Ip 3.0% W / V, Levamisole Hydrochloride Ip 3.0% W / V, Per 100Ml Bottle. , Each 100 Gm Contains Maltodextrin 41G, Sodium Citrate 6.5G, Potassium Chloride 5G, Sodium Bicarbonate 3G, Calcium Lactate 1.7G, Magnesium Sulphate 1G, Sodium Chloride 0.8G, Sodium Acid Phosphate 0.8G, Vitamin C 600Mg, Lactobacillus Sporogenes 3000 Million, Dextrose Q.S, Per 300Gm Packet , Oxyclozanide 1 Gm And Levamisole 0.5 Gm Bolus , Per Bolus , Each Ml Contains Albendazole Ip ( Micronised ) 25 Mg, Per 120 Ml Bottle , Each Bolus Contains Albendazole 3Gm, Per Bolus , Each Ml Contains Levamisole Hcl 3% W / V, Oxyclosanide 6% And Aqueous Base Qs.Per 90 Ml Bottle. , Each Bolus Contains Albendazole Ip ( Micronised ) 1.5G, Per Bolus. , Triclabendazole 900Mg, Levamisole 562.5 Mg, Per Bolus , Each Ml Contains Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate B.P ( Vet ) 4.4 Mg, Methylparaben Ip 0.15%W / V Propylparabane Ip 0.02%W / V, Water For Inj.Q.S, Per 5Ml Vial , Each Ml Contains Fenbendazole I.P. 15 Mg & Praziquantel I.P. 5 Mg In Agueous Base, Per 30 Ml Bottle , Each 30 Ml Contains Albendazole Ip 750 Mg, Ivermectin Ip 25 Mg, Per 90Ml Bottle. , Each 15 Ml Contains Mecobalamin Ip 500 Mcg Vitamin B6 Ip 1.5 Mg Niacinamide Ip 45 Mg Biotin Usp 300 Mcg Zinc Sulphate Ip 7.5 Mg Potassium Iodide 75 Mcg Ferric Ammonium Citrate Ip 18 Mg Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate Bp 0.45 Mg Manganese Sulfate Monohydrate Usp 1.0 Mg Chromic Chloride Usp 25 Mcg L-Lysine Monohydrochloride Usp 50 Mg Sodium Selenate Pentahydrate Bp 40 Mcg Absolute Alcohol Ip 5% V / V, Per 500 Ml Bottle , Each 250 Gm Contains Calcium 75 Gm Manganese 2.75 Gm Iodine 0.1 Gm Iron 0.75 Gm Zinc 1.5 Gm Copper 0.20 Gm Cobalt 0.045 Gm Vitamin A 500000 Iu Vitamin D3 100000 Iu Vitamin B2 0.2 Gm Vitamin E 75 Units Vitamin K 0.1 Gm Calcium Pantothenate 0.25 Gm Nicotinamide 1 Gm Vitamin B12 0.6 Gm Choline Chloride 15 Gm , 250 Gm Pack. , Mchc Equivalent To Calcium 33Mg, Phosphorus 15Mg, Magnesium 5.5, Zinc 100Mg, Manganese 150Mg, Iron 25Mg, Selenium 0.5Mg And Iodine 3.5 Mg Per 5Ml , Per 450 Ml Bottle , Each 10Ml Contain Feric Ammonium Citrate 240Mg, L-Methylefolate 70Mcg, B1-8Mg, B2-4Mg, B3-76 Mg, B5- 40Mg, B6-3Mg, B12-10Mcg And Elemental Copper -1Mg, Per 450Ml Bottle , Each 10Ml Contains Tricholine Citrate-1500Mg, Protein Hydrolysate- 55%-100Mg, Dl-Methionine- 66Mg, Enocitol-10Mg, Vite-20Mg, Vitb12-10Mg, Biotin -6Mg, Feric Ammonium Citrate-50Mg, Copper Sulphate-10Mg, Cobalt Chloride-5Mg, Sodium Selenite 7Mcg, Silymarine -5Mg, Tephrosia Purpuria-16.66Mg And Malt Extract-58.33Mg, Per 300Ml Bottle , Each 5Ml Contains: Tephrosia Purpurea 400 Mg, Eclipta Alba 200Mg, Phylanthusniruri 200Mg, Andrographis Paniculate 100Mg, Teminalachebula 100Mg Ocimum Sanctum 100Mg, Per 500Ml , Inj. Each Ml Contains Vit B1 50Mg, B6 50Mg, & B12 500Mcg, Per 30Ml Vial , Each 1Kg Powder Containing Dicalcium Phosphate 550G, Calcium Carbonate 106.60 Gm, Magnesium Carbonate 31.60 Gm, Zinc Sulphate 7.50Gm, Copper Sulphate 1.30Gm And Sodium Chloride 303 Gm, Per 1Kg Pack. , Each 5Gm Granule Contains Calcium 165Mg, Phosphorus 75Mg, Vit D 500Iu, Per 250Gm Jar , Liquid Vit Contain Ca, Phosphorous, Vit D3 Andb 12, 500Ml Bottle , Each 30Ml Contains Ferrous Gluconate 200Mg, Ferrous Chloride 80Mg, Thiamine Hcl 5Mg, Riboflavin 5Mg, Nicotinic Acid 20Mg, Nicotinamide 45Mg, Ca-Lactate 300Mg And Liver Fraction150mg, 500Ml Bottle , Per 100Ml Contains Calcium 3500Mg, Phosphorus 1750Mg, Vit.B12- 0.2Mg, Vit D3 15000Iu And Carbohydrates-28000Mg, 500Ml Bottle , Inj.Each Ml Contains Vit A 250000Iu, Vit D3 25000 Iu Vit E 100Mg, Biotin 12.5Mcg Benzyl Alcohol 2% W / V, Per 5Ml Vial , Vit A, D3, Vit E With Vit B12 Liquid, 120Ml Bottle , B-Complex, Liver Extract With Vitamin B12 Inj., 30Ml Vial , Each Ml Contains Thiamine Hcl 10Mg, Riboflavin 5Mg, Pyridoxine 5Mg, Choline Chloride 5Mg, Cyanocobalamine And Niacinamide 10Mg Each, D-Panthanole 1Mg, D-Biotin, And Vit-A, Vit D-3 And Vit-E Etc. Per 100Ml Inj. , Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, Lactobacillus Sporogenes , Manan-Oligo Saccharide, Dl Methionine, Copper Sulph, Zinc Sulph, Cobalt Sulph, Xylanase And Cellulose, Per Bolus , Trimethoprim400mg, Sulphadiazine Ip2000mg, Per Bolus , Each Bolus Contains Sodium Bicarbonate, Megnesiumtrisillicate, Vitamin B, Methionine, Live Yeast, Dextrose, Nicotinamide, Cobalt Sulphate, Copper Sulphate, Gentian Powder, Sodium Phosphate Etc., Per Bolus , Each Ml Contains Iron Sorbitol Citric Acid Complex 50 Mg, Folic Acid I.P. 500 Mcg Hydroxocobalamin 50 Mcg, Per 10Ml Vial , Each Bolus Contains Ferrous Fumarate 1500 Mg, Vitamin B12 75 Mcg, Folic Acid 7500 Mcg, Excipients Q.S.Per Bolus , Each Ml Contains Mecobalamin Ip 500 Mcg, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride Ip 50 Mg, Nicotinamide Ip 50 Mg, Benzyle Alcohol Ip 2% W / V, Per 5Ml Vial , Each 30Ml Contain Vit B1-33.3Mg, B2-1.66Mg, B6-3.3Mg, Vit B12- 33.3Mg, Nicotinamide- 33.3Mg And D-Penthanol-1.66 Mg, Per 30Ml Vial. , Ayurvedic Medicine , Rumenotoricbolus, Per Bolus , Digestive Powder, Per 1Kg Pkt. , Each 10 Gm Contains Zingiber Officinale Rz. 1.10, N.Scrophulariiflora Rz. With Rt. 0.16, Balanites Roxburghii Fr. 0.90, Andrographis Paniculata Wh. Pl. 1.20, Terminalia Chebula Fr. 0.65, Eclipta Alba Wh. Pl. 0.60, Acorus Calamus Rz. 0.40, Trachyspermumammi Fr. 0.50, Commiphoramukulexd. 0.20, Piper Nigrum Fr. 0.15, Piper Longum Fr. 0.25, Woodfordiafruticosa Fl. 0.90, Swertia Angustifolia Wh Pl. 0.30, Azadirachta Indica Lf. 0.90, Trigonella Foenumgraecum Sd. 0.65, Tinospora Cordifolia St. 0.20, Calotropis Procera Fl. 0.10, Allium Sativum Bl. 0.50, Capsicum Annuum Sd. 0.10, Excipients &Base : Ammonium Choloride 0.2 Gm, Cobalt Sulphate 20 Mg, Copper Sulphate 20 Mg. Per 1 Kg Pack. , Anti Diarrhoeal Powder, Per 100Gm Pkt , Anti Diarrhoeal Powder, Per 1Kg Pkt. , Herbal Liver Tonic Bolus, Per Bolus , Tonic For Uterine Care, Per 500Ml Bottle , Topical Herbal Spray For Pelvicorgan Prolapse, Per 150Ml Aerosol Spray Can. , Ayurvedic Anti Bloat, Tympany, Per 100Ml Bottle , Anti Microbial Gel With Broad Spectrum Activity, Each 50Gm Tube. , Liver Stimulant Powder, 1Kg Pack , Liver Stimulant Liquid, 300Ml Bottle , Uterine Tonic With Energy Supplement., Per 1 Litre Bottle , Ayurvedic Bolus To Assist Coagulation & Act As Haemostatic, Per Bolus. , Per 100Ml Contains, Calcium - 5000Mg, Phosphorus - 2500Mg, Vitamin D3 , Vitamin B12, Shatavari-1000Mg, Jivanti-1000Mg, Yashtimadhu- 1000Mg, Carbohydrate Etc. Per 1Lit. , Each 10Gm Contains: Cedrus Deodara ( Devdaru Oil ) -5G, Azadirachtaindica ( Neem ) -2G, Pongamia Pinnata ( Karanja Oil ) -1.1G Etc. Per 50Gm Tube. , Cough Expectorant, Per 100Gm Powder. , Each 10Ml Cough Syrup Containingvaasak 1.50G, Ocimum Sanctum0.5G, Curcuma Longa 0.20G Albizzia Etc., Per 300Ml Liquid , Anti Bloat, Per 100Ml Bottle. , Anti Inflammatorysprayfor Mammary Gland, Per 100Ml Can. , Herbs, Minerals, Dried Yeast ( Vit.B Complex ) Bolus For Repeat Breeding And Anoestrus, Perb6 Bolus , Antiseptic, Antifungal & Fly Repellent Spray, Per 100Ml Bottle , Antiseptic, Antifungal & Fly Repellent Ointment, 50Gm Tube , Each 100Gm Contains Cedrusdeodora Oil 15Gms, Pinus Longifolia Oil & Tar 20.00Gms., Pongamia Glabra Oil 35Gms., R. Communis Oil Hydrogenated 8Gms., Psoralea Corylifolia Oil 1Gms., Base Q.S. Per 50Gm Tube , Each 20Gm. Contains:-Tinospora Cordifolia St. 0.5Gms., Holerhinaantidysenterica Bark O.8Gms., Woodfordia Fruticosa Flower 1.0Gm, Andrographis Paniculata Plant 0.5Gms, Symplocosracemosa Bark 0.5Gms, Punica Granatum Pericarp 3.3Gms, Emblicaofficinalls Leaf 3.5Gms, Ocimumgratissimum Seed 3.5Gms, Eagle Marmelos Fruit 3.5Gms, Sodium Chloride 0.5Gms, Pott. Chloride 0.5Gmssugar 1Gms, Sod Citrate 0.9Gms. Per 20 Gm Pack. , Schedule-Ii ( Aid Material ) , Oil. Turpentine, Per 450Ml Bottle , Hand Sanitizer With Minimum 70 Percent Alcohol With Dispenser / , Per 500Ml Bottle , Tr. Iodine ( Strong ) I.P. / B.P, Per 450Ml Bottle. , Hand Wash ( Liquid Soap ) , 200Ml Bottle. , Antiseptic Liquid / Solution, 200Ml Bottle. , Lab Microscope With Three Eye Piece ( 10X, 20X And 40X ) , Plain Microscopeslides Per Piece , Cover Slip For Glass Slide Per 100 Piece. , Schedule-Iii ( Surgical Items ) Composition, Specificationsand Presentation , Disposable Syringe 2Ml With 24Gz. Needle, Per Piece , Disposable Syringe 5Ml With 20Gz. Needle, Per Piece , Disposable Syringe 10Ml With 18Gz. Needle, Per Piece , I. V Set, Best Quality, Per Piece , Surgical Triple Layer Non Woven Face Musk With Nose Piece, Per Piece. , Rubber Hand Glove Half Size Medium And Large Size In Pair, Pack Of Per Pair. , Stainless Steel Instrument Sterilizer. Electrically Operated, Thermostatically Controlled, Automatic Tray Lifting System, Size 430X200x150mm ( 1.50K.W ) Per Piece. , S.S Surgical Tray ( 40X30 Cm, Best Quality With Cover ) . Per Piece. , Catgut ( Absorbable Suture Material Size 0 , 1 And 2 Assorted ) , Per Pack. , Schedule Iv ( Other Veterinary Items ) Composition, Specificationsand Presentation , Cotton Towel Blue / Green Coloursize 135Cmx 75Cm, Per Piece , Jharon, 100 % Cotton Made, 60Cm X 60 Cm, Per Piece , Plastic Bucket, Best Quality, 15 Litre Capacity, Per Piece , Stainless Steel Mug, Size 500 Ml Capacity, Per Piece , Stainless Steel Basin ( Gumla ) 18Inches, Per Piece , Pot. Permanganate I.P. / B.P. Per 450Gm Pack. , 10% Sodium Hypochlorite, Per 5Lt. Jar , Bleaching Powder, Per 450Gm Pack. , Phenyl Liquid, Per 450Ml Bottle. , Spade ( Standard Size, Best Quality ) Per Piece. , Dao With Minimum 1.5 Feet Handle Made Of Wood Or Bamboo ( Best Quality ) Per Piece. , Acreflavin Powder, Each 25G Pack

Key Dates

Contract Date 16 Jul 2022

Contact Information

Company Name
Awarded Bids List
S.No Bid Number Bidder Name Awarded Currency Awarded Value
2 148784 MS Mayur Pharmaceuticals INR 1007870.00
3 148910 Ayurvet Limited INR 1710150.00
4 148911 Indian Herbs Specialities Pvt.Ltd. INR 3080564.00
5 148931 INDOMA MARINE PVT. LTD. INR 3192489.00
6 149109 M/s Harbans Pharma and Surgicals INR 2618172.00
7 149118 Assam Manufacturer Repacking and Distributor INR 3742666.00
8 149189 M/S KAY AND KAY TRADING CO. INR 1164660.00
10 149237 M/s Town Drugs INR 1319090.00
11 149287 P.D. Associates INR 1026600.00
12 149356 INDO CONS AGE SERVICES INR 3011959.00
13 149392 SUNRISE TRADERS INR 439790.00
14 149397 BIO-CARE ASSOCIATES INR 368900.00
15 149400 M/S Anjali Das INR 1513800.00
16 149411 INDO MARKETING SERVICES INR 1752556.00
17 149419 M/s Guwahati Pharma Vet Agency INR 611900.00
18 149443 MAINDEOR ENTERPRISE INR 866481.00
19 149450 M/S. SISIR PHARMACEUTICALS INR 4107985.00
Contract Value 40 Million
Contract Date 16 Jul 2022

Complete details of the selected Tender
Organisation Name : Vijaya Bank
Organisation Type : Public Sector Banks Ministry : Ministry of Finance
Tender Ref. No : DIT/DELHIARMB/07052016/1
Tender Title : E-Auction Sale Notice for the properties of M/s Guru Kripa Iron Trading Pvt Ltd, mortgaged to Vijaya Bank and taken possession under the provisions of SARFAESI Act 2002.
Product Category : Land/Building
Sub Category :
Tender Value (INR if not mentioned):
Rs 1,62,00,000/-
Document Cost :
Tender Type : Auction
Location : Delhi
Announcement Date :
Publication Date on Portal: 5-July-2016 At : 8:03:09 PM  
Last Date of Document Collection :  
8-August-2016 Up To : 5:00 PM  
Last date for  
Submission :
8-August-2016 Up To : 5:00 PM  
Opening Date : 10-August-2016 At : 11:00 AM  
Work Description :
Pre-Qualification :
PreBid Meet Date : --
Tender Document : View Document *
Bid Document : Document Not available
Tech. Document : Document Not available
Sector : Banking, Finance & Insurance
State : Karnataka
For further Information Contact:
Name : Santhosh Aili
E-Mail : cbsprog11@vijayabank.co.in
Phone Office : 08025584066
Fax : 08025582747
Address :
City : Bangalore

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