Germany Contract Award Notice - 6148801

Contract Award Notice

TRR 6148801
Organization Official name: aha - Zweckverband Abfallwirtschaft Region Hannover
Tender No 619272-2021
Country Germany , All Region
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Work Detail

Contract Award For Germany-Hanover: Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services
The landfill Kolenfeld was planned in 1982 and approved in order to use the potential deposit volume, the existing basic sealing system must be extended by approx. 13 ha according to § 3 of the Regulation on landfills and long-term bearings (DEPV), the landfill driver has all measures to establish a basic seal system according to Annex 1 To meet the basic prerequisite of a basic extension, the suitability of the geological barriers is first applicable to the geological location requirements of the newly planning landfill section to determine the location requirements must be adjusted with applicable rules (eg DEPV), the geological barrier is required, are required to propose variants of events, plan and Economically with each other, a basic sealing system according to DEPV for DK II is to be consisted of: - a geological barrier two sealing components of a protective layer and filter raw The nestled in a drainage layer is planned, the regional building material availability should be considered in this to take into account in the planning to take into account location requirements such as: - the natural topography predominant groundwater estate assessment for profiling measures of the landfill laying assessments of the landfill base development of the SIWA system to be planned and altitude According to the existing basic sealing system should be taken into account with its equipment, lines and other equipment and infrastructure systems in the planning of the expansion of the basic sealing system and incorporated herein, the additional advent of wastewater to be treated in the line dimensioning, lead history and the plant technology to be considered to consider content of the planning services also the revision / reinstatement of the existing sewage treatment plant, with the aim of the extension of the basic seal In order to be able to treat the size and complexity of the project should continue to be disclosed to the size and complexity of the project, the construction measures required for the realization are intended to be divided into multiple construction sections (maximum four), which are to be advertised independently, which is intended to be considered in the offer calculation to be taken into account to promote planning services based on the HOAI 2021 to a contractor Planning services of the performance phases 1 to 4 of the performance image Engineering structures are to be provided for the entire expansion area in the area of the power phases 5 to 9, they are initially only for 50 of the area (partial surface 1) To provide another 50 of the area can be transmitted to the contractor (partial surface 2) In addition, consulting services in the area of geotechnics according to Annex 1 (to § 3 ABS 1 HOAI) No 13 to be provided with the specifications

Key Dates

Contract Date 23 Nov 2021

Contact Information

Company Name Official name: Ingenieurbüro Richter GmbH
Contract Value Plz Refer Document
Contract Date 23 Nov 2021

Complete details of the selected Tender
Organisation Name : Vijaya Bank
Organisation Type : Public Sector Banks Ministry : Ministry of Finance
Tender Ref. No : DIT/DELHIARMB/07052016/1
Tender Title : E-Auction Sale Notice for the properties of M/s Guru Kripa Iron Trading Pvt Ltd, mortgaged to Vijaya Bank and taken possession under the provisions of SARFAESI Act 2002.
Product Category : Land/Building
Sub Category :
Tender Value (INR if not mentioned):
Rs 1,62,00,000/-
Document Cost :
Tender Type : Auction
Location : Delhi
Announcement Date :
Publication Date on Portal: 5-July-2016 At : 8:03:09 PM  
Last Date of Document Collection :  
8-August-2016 Up To : 5:00 PM  
Last date for  
Submission :
8-August-2016 Up To : 5:00 PM  
Opening Date : 10-August-2016 At : 11:00 AM  
Work Description :
Pre-Qualification :
PreBid Meet Date : --
Tender Document : View Document *
Bid Document : Document Not available
Tech. Document : Document Not available
Sector : Banking, Finance & Insurance
State : Karnataka
For further Information Contact:
Name : Santhosh Aili
E-Mail :
Phone Office : 08025584066
Fax : 08025582747
Address :
City : Bangalore

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