Contract Award For Hungary-Budapest: Underground Work Other Than Tunnels, Shafts And Subwa...

Contract Award Notice

TRR 5255948
Organization Official name: Budapest Főváros II. Kerületi Önkormányzat
Tender No 379301-2021
Funded By
Country Hungary , All Region
Contract Value 7,500 Billion

Work Detail

Contract Award For Hungary-Budapest: Underground work other than tunnels, shafts and subways Improvements - Construction of civil engineering and paralding works Budapest capital city II district Address of the public administration: Budapest Capital II district CCA 1 500 000 m2 Road, 600 000 m2 Pavement surface, 150 pcs of a water utility artwork (mine, artwork, snort etc), 190 000 m Linear Aquatic Utility (Channel, Sprayers, etc.) Description of planned investments and major volumes to be fully implemented: renovation, strengthening of existing solid-paved roads with solid covering, minimum 3,500 m2 space covering, at least 4,000 m2 rolled asphalt Construction of casing with a complete structure and at least 1 500 Fm border of at least 1 100 m2 cast rubber and minimum 2,000 m2 Terrea-tires are embedded in an asphalt or spatial pavement, at least 1 600 m2, the marketing of traffic signals at a minimum of 160 m2 and a minimum of 100 dB KRESZ BLA placement of traffic and road safety elements in temporary and final design General demolition, transferring works, spatial preparation, landscaping, construction of land works, inducing and protecting public utilities (communication, electrical, water construction, gas etc.) Installation and cabling work of public lighting columns at least 40 pcs and at least 2 electric car chargers are established by parks and playgrounds, formation of community areas, at least 150 parking devices and 30 players and at least 2 fountains and at least 2 fountains with a minimum of 100 16/18 cm trunk diameter wood to maintain the green space at least 4 Implementation, protecting, replacement of automated irrigation system, minimum 200 FM D315 or D400 Construction of rainwater drainage channels, minimum 30 wiper construction, construction of at least 200 FM plumbing in D100 or D150, triggering a telecommunication network (more served Network of the Lake) Further rainwater drainage network development work (closed and open, rocker), Renovation of these and related maintenance work (cleaning, good arm) The exact technical and legal content of the implementation will be clarified during written consultation during workmanship To minimize environmental loads and the disturbance / restriction of the population (the nature and quantity of construction, supply or service, and the definition of demands and requirements), draws attention to: - the scope and volume of investments to be implemented on the basis of the framework agreement , the counterparty of individual orders concluded under the framework agreement shall be covered by the AK budget decisions or the grant schemes they use, depending on the future investment decisions, and are not obliged to have the financial framework provided by the Framework Agreement depleted on the basis of the framework agreement, but subject to the availability of funding, the framework may exhaust the framework before the expiry of time scope, and the contracting authority reserves the right to initiate multiple large-scale developments at the same time, with a coordinated work of the successful tenderer and for this purpose, the appropriate capacities are maintained under the Framework Agreement, - in accordance with Section 104 (3) of the KBT, tenderers in the Framework Agreement are subject to tendering or contracting obligations

Key Dates

Contract Date 13 Jul 2021

Contact Information

Company Name Official name: Garden-System Kertépítő és Szolgáltató Kft.
Contract Value 7,500 Billion
Contract Date 13 Jul 2021

Complete details of the selected Tender
Organisation Name : Vijaya Bank
Organisation Type : Public Sector Banks Ministry : Ministry of Finance
Tender Ref. No : DIT/DELHIARMB/07052016/1
Tender Title : E-Auction Sale Notice for the properties of M/s Guru Kripa Iron Trading Pvt Ltd, mortgaged to Vijaya Bank and taken possession under the provisions of SARFAESI Act 2002.
Product Category : Land/Building
Sub Category :
Tender Value (INR if not mentioned):
Rs 1,62,00,000/-
Document Cost :
Tender Type : Auction
Location : Delhi
Announcement Date :
Publication Date on Portal: 5-July-2016 At : 8:03:09 PM  
Last Date of Document Collection :  
8-August-2016 Up To : 5:00 PM  
Last date for  
Submission :
8-August-2016 Up To : 5:00 PM  
Opening Date : 10-August-2016 At : 11:00 AM  
Work Description :
Pre-Qualification :
PreBid Meet Date : --
Tender Document : View Document *
Bid Document : Document Not available
Tech. Document : Document Not available
Sector : Banking, Finance & Insurance
State : Karnataka
For further Information Contact:
Name : Santhosh Aili
E-Mail :
Phone Office : 08025584066
Fax : 08025582747
Address :
City : Bangalore

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