Contract Award For Purchase Of Medicines. See Folding Item No1 Anti Rho Immunoglobulin D C...

Contract Award Notice

TRR 17062864
Organization Administración de Servicios de Salud del Estado | Centro Departamental de Lavalleja
Tender No Compra Directa 1569/2024
Funded By Self-Funded
Country Uruguay , South America
Contract Value 4,103

Work Detail

Contract Award For Purchase Of Medicines. See Folding Item No1 Anti Rho Immunoglobulin D Code. Article 26210 , Item No2 Amiodarone Tables Cod. Article 16614 , Item No3 Injectable Moxifloxacin Cod. Article 69184 , Item No4 Fluconazol Injectable Cod. Article 66313 , Item No5 Cephradine Injectable Cod. Article 68311 , Item No. Injectable Chlorprotixen Cod. Article 31407 , Item No7 Ipratrope For Nebulizing Cod. Article 26233 , Item No. Acetyl Salicylic Acid Tablets Cod. Article 16595 , Item No9 Compressed Lithium Carbonate Cod. Article 16883 , Item No10 Acyclovir Ointment Cod. Article 25919 , Item No11 Dipirone Compressed Cod. Article 16749 , Item No12 Enalapril Compressed Cod. Article 16765 , Item No13 Enalapril Compressed Cod. Article 16765 , Item No14 Injectable Vancomicine Cod. Article 17099 , Item No15 Ondansetron Oral Solution Cod. Article 77920 , Item No16 Glimepiride Tablets Cod. Article 16826 , Item No17 Hydrocortisone Cod. Article 26194 , Item No18 Hydrocortisone Cod. Section

Key Dates

Contract Date 14 Feb 2024

Contact Information

Company Name Megalabs Uruguay S A
Contract Value 4,103
Contract Date 14 Feb 2024

Complete details of the selected Tender
Organisation Name : Vijaya Bank
Organisation Type : Public Sector Banks Ministry : Ministry of Finance
Tender Ref. No : DIT/DELHIARMB/07052016/1
Tender Title : E-Auction Sale Notice for the properties of M/s Guru Kripa Iron Trading Pvt Ltd, mortgaged to Vijaya Bank and taken possession under the provisions of SARFAESI Act 2002.
Product Category : Land/Building
Sub Category :
Tender Value (INR if not mentioned):
Rs 1,62,00,000/-
Document Cost :
Tender Type : Auction
Location : Delhi
Announcement Date :
Publication Date on Portal: 5-July-2016 At : 8:03:09 PM  
Last Date of Document Collection :  
8-August-2016 Up To : 5:00 PM  
Last date for  
Submission :
8-August-2016 Up To : 5:00 PM  
Opening Date : 10-August-2016 At : 11:00 AM  
Work Description :
Pre-Qualification :
PreBid Meet Date : --
Tender Document : View Document *
Bid Document : Document Not available
Tech. Document : Document Not available
Sector : Banking, Finance & Insurance
State : Karnataka
For further Information Contact:
Name : Santhosh Aili
E-Mail :
Phone Office : 08025584066
Fax : 08025582747
Address :
City : Bangalore

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