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The Smart Thermostat with Heating Power Adjustment

  • 71,429
  • Greece
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The Smart Thermostat with Heating Power Adjustment
Funded By 38
Country Greece , Western Europe
Project Value 71,429
Project Detail

Heating in residential and commercial buildings is a basic need for the well being of the citizens. It is also a major cost in the family’s and businesses budget, that in most cases it cannot be avoided. The vast majority of this heating is produced through the combustion of fossil fuels in the buildings boilers locally, resulting in an impressive negative environmental impact in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and smoke pollution inside the cities, not to mention the high cost of the imported fuels. A low cost, highly efficient, easy to be installed solution that will reduce their heating cost without reducing their heating comfort, is needed. Buildings are responsible for approximately 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the EU. An essential part of Europes clean energy transition is the changing role of buildings from energy consumers to actively controlling and optimizing indoor environment while contributing to energy system flexibility. Our company LIGHTHEAT P.C., has invented and developed the Caloric Smart Thermostat (CST). CST has three unique features, that bring a new age in the market of smart thermostats for heating systems with warm water radiators, the Heating Power Adjustment (HPA), the Heating Problem Detection (HPD), and the ability that gives to the user to control and anticipate the heating bill (HBA) with the Heating Hours Meter (HHM). CST switches on/off the heating when needed, for small intervals, controlling not only the inside temperature but also the temperature of the radiators (HPA) using a wireless temperature sensor. As a result the consumption (heating cost) may drop up to 50%, with more hours of heating comfort, protecting the environment at the same time. CALORIC is a simple solution with a huge impact, because with the very low cost of CST, the energy the is saved, in order to be produced from other renewable resources or building renovation, would demand a much bigger investment to be achieved.

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Address LIGHTHEAT PRIVATE COMPANY Address Pellis 61 15234 Athina Greece
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