Various Countries Project Notice - 47347

Project Notice

PNR 47347
Project Name Support to Caritas Asias Regional Strategic Plan 2022-2025
Project Detail Caritas Asia is a strategic regional partner for the Asia and Middle East region. Our support to date has focused on organisational capacity strengthening, support to Caritas Asias safe migration work, and the development and implementation of their strategic plans. This project continues that strategic support, with the aim of supporting the implementation of Caritas Asias latest Strategic Plan for 2022-2025. The strategic plan has identified three priority areas, which align closely with CAFODs own strategic framework, Our Common Home. The three priority areas for 2022-2025 are: 1. Inspiring care for creation by practicing servant love-based* leadership. 2. Reducing impact of disasters by effective emergency preparedness and response across Asia 3. Upholding dignity of the person for integral human development by global solidarity and promotion of peace. * Servant love-based leadership is the leadership focused on serving people and not on leading people; it is fuelled by the love for humanity and the planet, not by individual or organizational interests. CAFOD has agreed to provide flexible support to Caritas Asia to enable them to effectively implement their Regional Strategic Plan.
Funded By Self-Funded
Sector Oil & Gas
Country Various Countries , Southern Asia
Project Value 19,000

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Company Name Caritas Asia
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