United States Project Notice - 46242

Project Notice

PNR 46242
Project Name Skamokawa Vic to 0.3 Miles West of SR 432 - Chip Seal and Highway Modifications
Project Detail In summer 2021, contractor crews working for WSDOT will resurface roughly a 25-mile stretch of State Route 4, between Skamokawa and State Route 432 near west Longview, between mileposts 29.77 to 54.98. Timeline May 2021 - Fall 2021 Project status Construction Funding $4.7 Million
Funded By Self-Funded
Country United States , Northern America
Project Value 5 Million

Contact Information

Company Name Washington State Department of Transportation
Address Joanna Lowrey Kelso Engineering Office (360) 442-1350 swKelso@wsdot.wa.gov Kelly Hanahan Communications (360) 905-2057 kelly.hanahan@wsdot.wa.gov David McNally City of Cathlamet (360) 751-0257 david@townofcathlamet.com
Web Site https://wsdot.wa.gov/construction-planning/search-projects/sr-4-skamokawa-vic-03-miles-west-sr-432-chip-seal-and-highway-modifications

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