Tajikistan Project Notice - 43257

Project Notice

PNR 43257
Project Name State Investment Committee Government of Tajikistan
Project Detail Project Development Objective(s) Proposed Development Objective(s) To enhance the capacity of the EITI National Secretariat and Multi-Stakeholder Group in Tajikistan to implement the EITI Standards. Key Results 1. Preparation and publication of EITI Reports covering 2019, 2020, 2021 fiscal years in accordance with agreed to timelines 2. Implementation of corrective actions and gaps identified by the EITI International Secretariat during the second Validation. 3. Preparation and implementation of TEITI Communications Strategy for 2020-2021. 4. Adoption legal basis for beneficial ownership and development of reporting process on BO. 5. The TEITI Secretariat is capable of developing strategy documents in consultation with the EITI Council and can effectively backstop the implementation of strategy plans. D. Preliminary Description Activities/Components (A) Production and publication of EITI Reconciliation reports · Support in preparation of 2019 EITI Report (B) Identify EITI systematic disclosure opportunities · Preparation of mainstreaming feasibility study (C) Communication and outreach activities · Development and implementation of EITI communication activities · Wide publication and dissemination of 2017-2018 and 2019 EITI Reports using multiple communications channels; · Use of EITI platform to generate wide and active public debate on extractive revenues issues · Support on launching of online cadaster portal (D) Training and Capacity building · Support the Tajikistan EITI (TEITI) to demonstrate high level of progress against the 2019 EITI Standard, based on the findings of the International Secretariat assessment that includes preparation of action plan and organize pre-Validation workshops to track progress. · Organize training for the National Secretariat staff, members and broader constituencies of Tajikistan EITI Council: a. Exchange of experience with other EITI countries; enhance the potential to leverage EITI for broader extractive sector reforms; and b. Broader training on EITI to civil society and other stakeholder groups (e.g. Media, Public Organizations, Parliamentarians) to increase knowledge and generate interest on extractive sector and EITI. (E) Project Management · Operational support for TEITI implementation, e.g. National Secretariat consultants’ costs; · Office supplies, workshops, communications and transportation and other operating costs required for delivery of the EITI work plan activities, etc.
Funded By 106
Country Tajikistan , Central Asia
Project Value 5,00,000

Contact Information

Company Name State Committee on Investments and State Property Management Republic of Tajikistan

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