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PNN 36253
Work Detail It is about the construction of a dam on the Grande stream and an aqueduct that will have an extension of 10 kilometers. The works will be financed by ENOHSA, with an investment of more than 1,790 million pesos. USHUAIA.- Governor Gustavo Melella and the representative of the Temporary Union of Companies, made up of Nakon Sur SA and Bassa SA, signed the contract for the construction of a dam on the Grande stream in this city and the execution of an aqueduct that will have an extension of more than 10 kilometers. At Government House, Governor Gustavo Melella received the representative of the joint venture made up of Nakon and Bassa. The construction of the weir will allow for a greater flow to supply the Water Treatment Plant No. 2 and Plant No. 3. It will supply 80% of the demand of the Fuegian capital and will have an investment of more than 1,790 million pesos that will be financed by the National Water Works Entity (ENOHSA). In the signing of the award of the work contract, the Governor was accompanied by the Minister Chief of Staff, Agustín Tita; the Minister of Works and Public Services, Gabriela Castillo and the president of the DPOSS, Cristian Pereyra. The head of the DPOSS stated that it is a large-scale work "where special emphasis is placed on compliance with all environmental standards and will improve the quality of drinking water service in much of the city of Ushuaia." Pereyra indicated that this work foresees the supply to a projected population in about 30 years, “for which impulsion pumps will not be needed since the flow will arrive by gravity, which translates into electricity and maintenance savings; in addition to being raw water in better conditions to be made drinkable, which represents a greater economy in the treatment process”. The official stressed that "we are materializing a work whose original idea is more than 20 years old, promptly promoted by Provincial Water Resources, and that will ensure the water level even in periods of minimum flows."
Country Argentina , South America
Industry Construction
Entry Date 06 Aug 2022

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