China Procurement News Notice - 36239

Procurement News Notice

PNN 36239
Work Detail A major Chinese highway and bridge deal has now awarded. A massive highway and bridge construction project in China will be handled by a consortium. The 71km highway will be constructed in China’s Hubei Province, improving transport to and from Wuhan City. A key feature of the project will be the 2.9km bridge spanning the Yangtze River. The consortium handling the US$4.1 billion project includes the contractors Third Engineering Bureau and China Construction. Building the highway and bridge is expected to take 42 months while the concession package included in the deal allows for an operation period of 29 years and seven months. The highway is being designed to allow maximum speeds of 120km/h and will include four tolling areas and eight intersections as well as a service area.
Country China , Eastern Asia
Industry Construction
Entry Date 04 Aug 2022

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