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Procurement News Notice

PNN 26390
Work Detail With almost US$ 34 billion of Official Development Assistance disbursed in 2018, the United States of America is the country that spends most funds on development across the world. The agency that runs the majority of the US foreign aid programs is the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). It regularly updates the USAID Business Forecast – an information resource on potential funding and partnership opportunities. In this article, prepared by DevelopmentAid, companies working in the international development sector can discover useful information about the regions and sectors that are expected to be financed by the agency as announced in the USAID Business Forecast for Q1 2020. With 169 funding opportunities described in the forecast, the sector that is expected to receive the most funds is Global Growth and Trade with almost $1.6 billion to be spent in 21 countries. Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt are the countries where the most financed activities in this sector are due to take place. Global health is the second most financed sector, with an estimated $1.56 billion to be spent on different projects in 18 countries. According to the Business Forecast, the majority of funds distributed to this sector are proposed to be spent on projects in Afghanistan, Zambia and Uganda. Fighting HIV/AIDS is the third most financed activity by the USAID – almost $950 million is to be spent within 4 countries from the African continent. At the same time, the sector that is due to receive the least financing is Gender Equality and Women Empowerment. Regional view Traditionally, USAID activities in the Middle East are estimated to be the most financed ones, worth $1.8 bn. The sectors in which the projects are expected to take place are economic growth and trade policies, working in crises and conflict zones, education, water and sanitation. Activities within the Eastern Africa region are expected to receive $1.6 bn with a strong emphasis on HIV/AIDS and the global health, education and agriculture sectors. Countries from the Central Asian region will benefit from almost $900 m for development. Afghanistan is the country with the most financing for development – with almost $800m estimated for projects related to the global health, economic growth and trade and education sectors. The most funded activities The Non-For-Profit (PNFP) Supply Chain – Commodities to the Private Not-for-Profit sector in regions of Uganda served by USAID is the activity with the highest total estimated funding in the region of $300 – $499 m. At the same time, two health activities in Afghanistan are expected to receive $100 – $299 m each: The National Health Technical Assistance Program, (NHTAP), which aims to improve health outcomes through greater sustainability, performance management and better governance to ensure higher quality health services; and the Urban Health Initiative which aims to improve health in urban areas and improve health outcomes for vulnerable populations in urban settings. Both activities are planned to be awarded in May 2020. Iraq’s Durable Communities and Economic Opportunities activity is also estimated to receive $100 – $299 m. The Agency underlines that, because the Business Forecast is issued while activities are in the design and planning phase, information is subject to change. The DevelopmentAid platform allows its members to stay up-to date with the donors’ funding opportunities, awardees and other important business intelligence. Become a DevelopmentAid member today and stay ahead of competition working in the International Development Sector.
Country United States , Northern America
Industry Information Technology
Entry Date 18 Jan 2020
Source https://www.developmentaid.org/#!/news-stream/post/57320/usaid-business-forecast-for-q1-2020-economic-growth-and-global-health-the-domains-receiving-the-most-funding

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