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Pioneering ICT-platform setting the new standard on advertising and how consumers shop

  • 2 Million
  • Belgium
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Pioneering ICT-platform setting the new standard on advertising and how consumers shop
Company Name APPINESS
Funded By European Union
Country Belgium , Western Europe
Project Value 2 Million
Project Detail

Advertisers face huge challenges in reaching their audience: TV advertising gets fast forwarded and Internet users install ad blockers. This dramatically impacts the media industry (content producers, broadcasters) as large parts of their income streams consist of advertising. Alternatives to reach the audience through social media are whisking the income away from the EU market. For local stores, the high costs of digital advertising result in lack of visibility and competitiveness against major e-commerce sites, again shifting revenues outside EU borders. SPOTT makes video content interactive and shoppable (any content, any screen, online & offline buying). SPOTT targets the v-commerce market, a new fast-growing market with huge potential, combining 1) reach of video, 2) targeting power of digital media and 3) revenue-generating power of e-commerce. SPOTT brings added value to all stakeholders. To the audience: personalized inspiration and interactions with video. To content producers, brands, stores, advertising agencies and broadcasters: increased advertisement revenues and dashboard-based insights in the audience. To local stores: regained visibility and competitiveness on the digital market place. Belgian scaleup Appiness (°2013, 22 FTE) targets a fast international market uptake of SPOTT and has the ambition to become market leader with SPOTT as number one v-commerce solution worldwide. Through a step-wise geographical approach combined with a global approach, Appiness will quickly achieve critical mass of audience offering personalized and relevant content. Appiness targets an organizational growth towards 216 FTE by 2022. The SPOTT app has been launched to the audience in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, US and Portugal. Appiness has a 270 mio product database, closed contracts with Hollywood studios 20th Century Fox and Paramount Pictures, and entered Microsoft’s global co-selling program. SPOTT reached no°67 in the Disrupt 100 annual index for 2017.

Sector Services

Contact Details

Company Name APPINESS
Address HERTSHAGE 10 9300 AALST Belgium
Web Site

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