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Ministry of Internal and Home Affairs and Provincial Councils and Local Government

Local Development Support Project

  • 101 Million
  • Sri Lanka
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Local Development Support Project
Company Name Ministry of Internal and Home Affairs and Provincial Councils and Local Government
Funded By 106
Country Sri Lanka , Southern Asia
Project Value 101 Million
Project Detail

The objective of the Local Development Support Project for Sri Lanka is to strengthen local government authorities capabilities to deliver services to communities in a responsive and accountable manner, and to support economic infrastructure development in participating provinces. There are five components to the project, the first component being strengthening local government planning systems. This component will finance preparation and updating of LAPDPs by LGAs with the active engagement of communities. Consultations will be undertaken at the ward Levels to identify the needs and priorities of communities. Community plans will be aggregated at the LGA-level and synergized with sector plans of ministries to inform the formulation of the LAPDPs. The second component is the improving local services and economic infrastructure. This component will finance delivery of local services and economic infrastructure by LGAs and provinces in an accountable, equitable and effective manner. This will be achieved through two sub-components: improving local service delivery, and economic cluster support. The third component is the institutional development. This component will finance: (i) information and awareness campaigns; (ii) institutional development and capacity building of LGAs; (iii) training of trainer’s (TOT) program for SLILG, MDTU and newly elected ward councilors in participatory approaches, resource and asset mapping, local and area based planning, public expenditure and financial management; (iv) development of an M&E/MIS system5 using smart mobile technology; (v) technical assistance, training and capacity development of the MIHAPCLG, the Finance Commission (FC) and other relevant institutions; (vi) improve and strengthen the capacity and facilities of SLILG; and (vii) computerization of accounting software, training, capacity building and rollout of the new acc

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Company Name Ministry of Internal and Home Affairs and Provincial Councils and Local Government
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