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Project Name: Northeast Agricultural University_Equipment Procurement And Services Tenders Are Invited For N Order To Further Improve The Scientific Research And Academic Level Of Northeast Agricultural University And Purchase Imported Equipment, The Advantages Of Imported Equ ......

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  • 16 Jul 2019
  • Eastern Asia
  • 20889335
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Tenders Are Invited For Acquisition Of Measuring Devices And Paronite Deadline For Submission Of Applications: 08 July 2019 14:00 Lot No: Nol001-01 Lot Name: Lot Namemeasuring Instruments (Micrometers, Anemometer, Manual Tachometer) Lot Sum: Sum249,659.2 Lot No: Nol002 ......

  • 9,774
  • 08 Jul 2019
  • Central Asia
  • 20727300
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Tenders Are Invited For Vernier Caliper & Micrometer. Earnest Money: 2%.

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  • 01 Jul 2019
  • Southern Asia
  • 20646205
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Contract Notice: Research And Experimental Development Services Cdsem Verity 4I Equipment Upgrade Description: For Its Development And Process Control Needs Under 10 Nm, Leti Must Update Its Verity 4I Cdsem. The Equipment Will Have To Work Automatically With 200 And 300 Mm ......

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  • 23 Jul 2019
  • Western Europe
  • 20623213
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Contract Notice: Blood-Grouping Reagents Delivery Of Reference Blood Cells, Low-Sensitized Igg Antibodies, Blood Group Classification Reagents, Certified Reference Blood Cells To Identify Antibodies Description: Package No. 1: Reference Blood Cells For Testing The Blood Gro ......

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  • 04 Jul 2019
  • Eastern Europe
  • 20516347
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Contract notice: Detection Apparatus Infrared Detectors to be used together with the Scientific Instrument HeSP at the Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope on La Palma Description: High quality and performance detectors for infrared light for an instrument for measuring the magnetic ......

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  • 26 Jun 2019
  • Western Europe
  • 20370331
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Hand-Held Instruments For Measuring Distances Micrometer Is Smoothdk 021 2015

  • 24
  • 31 Dec 2019
  • Eastern Europe
  • 20490327
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